Sunday cartoon: Bus Stop Kids helmet safety


BRRILLVILLE – Over the past couple of weekends, I have created some very important bike safety and helmet safety coloring cartoons for kids as well as submitting related content for adults to read and open the doors to communication within the family environment.

Some neighborhood kids stopped in front of my house while I was doing some cleaning in my yard this past week and asked me if I had any skateboarding safety coloring cartoons that they could take home with them. The boys that were riding bikes around my neighborhood showed them the bike safety coloring cartoons I gave to them encouraging them to wear helmets for their safety. It made me realize that I was focusing on bike safety, and that I also needed to create a coloring cartoon featuring skateboards, and remind kids to wear helmets while participating with this wheeled sport activity in one of my weekly content contributions.

This week’s Bus Stop Kids coloring cartoon shows a young boy riding his skateboard while wearing his safety helmet to protect him from a head injury if for some reason he lost his balance and fell to the ground. His two friends are giving him a thumbs up for wearing his helmet. I would also like to remind kids to avoid busy streets and use area skate and bike parks to ride these wheeled sports modes of transportation in this region. It’s much safer being far away from moving vehicles on busy streets. I live in a quiet neighborhood with almost no traffic except for residents that live here, with only three houses built on my street and a handful of houses on an adjacent street. People and families walk up and down my street walking their dogs or with their little kids passing by hand-in-hand or pushing them in strollers on almost a daily basis when the weather is nice. It’s a safe neighborhood. Kids use this street often to ride bikes and skateboards.

Kids should avoid busy parking lots where vehicles are parked, and entering and exiting throughout the day, such as grocery stores, mini-plazas, gas stations and convenience stores. If vehicles are constantly on the move, kids should do their best to avoid them on bikes and skateboards. This would also apply to kids rollerblading. Kids rollerblading also need to wear safety helmets to help prevent head injuries.

Please make sure that your children are wearing helmets and participating with wheeled sports activities in safe locations. Safety first kids!

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