Sunday cartoon: Stay away from stray & pet dogs


BURRILLVILLE – With the nicer weather just around the corner, there will be plenty of fenced-in yards with pet dogs outside enjoying the warmer temperatures.

I am on the road a lot heading back-and-forth to classic car shows and community events, and often see these pet dogs outside in their yards. Sometimes, I see dogs roaming free in the neighborhoods that might have escaped their enclosures or broken off their leashes. I actually assisted a young man one day chasing his escaped dog by stopping and giving him a ride in my truck to chase his pet down and put him back on his leash. We followed the dog down the street and the young man jumped from my passenger side door when we spotted him approaching some kids that were reaching out their hands to pet him. The young man grabbed the leash and pulled the dog away from one of the children. The dog bit a little boy’s hand and arm before he was able to secure his pet. I called 911 and waited with the boy, his friends and the young man with his dog until the rescue arrived. The boy’s parents arrived at the same time. They thanked me for helping and I left the scene.

Even if a pet dog is inside a fenced yard, kids should never approach the animal and attempt to pet it on the head. Kids should do their best to avoid strange dogs altogether. Dogs are territorial by nature, and protective of their owners and families. I’ve had many pet dogs over the years and I know this to be a fact. Inform your children to always stay away from stray and pet dogs to avoid being bitten. A safe thing for kids to do when confronted by a dog is to just ignore them and continue doing what they were doing. Never, ever, make eye contact. Some dogs consider eye contact as a challenge, and it can cause aggression and attacks. Don’t run away from dogs. Some dogs may chase kids running away from them. Simply ignore these dogs and continue on your way.

Dogs may appear to be docile and friendly at first glance. This is not always the case. The safest thing kids can do is to just avoid and stay away from stray and pet dogs.

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