Sunday cartoon: Have a safe & Happy Thanksgiving


BURRILLVILLE – Thanksgiving Day week is here and with this there are kitchen hazards that can directly impact your holiday spent with your family and friends.

Fire safety and burn prevention begins in the home, and there are ways to help keep your family and friends safer. Thanksgiving Day is the number one day on the calendar for residential fires every year across America. Cooking and stoves are also the leading cause of residential fires across America both on the holidays and throughout the year.

It is extremely important to make sure that kids are staying at least three feet away from hot stoves on Thanksgiving Day. Adults preparing meals should never leave stoves unattended. Pots and pans handles should not be pointed away from burners that reach out beyond the top of the stove. One wrong turn and whatever is cooking inside those pots and pans can spill out onto the kitchen floor or burn the skin, especially exposed body parts like hands, arms, legs and feet.

Always use a set of oven mitts when removing turkey from the oven along with any other foods you are preparing inside the hot stove. Use both hands, not just one hand, to remove heavy turkeys and pots from inside ovens. Keep your long hair tied back or up in a bun to help prevent your hair from catching on fire. When preparing meals at any time, this should always be a rule-of-thumb in your kitchen. When cooking on a hot stove, never wear loose fitting long sleeves that could make contact with a flame or burner and potentially catch on fire. Always keep a fire extinguisher near a stove in your kitchen and know how to use one. Never use water to extinguish a fire on an electric stove.

This week’s Sunday feature and coloring cartoon also includes an activity section with visuals depicting what not to do while enjoying the holidays. The correct answers are located upside down on the lower left hand side of the page. The Fearless Dino Protector Squad wants to remind kids and everyone in your family to be safer on Thanksgiving Day and during the holidays. Help your kids color in this week’s coloring and activities cartoon while discussing fire safety and burn prevention near and around hot stoves in your kitchen with them.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving Day from the Fearless Dino Protector Squad, your home fire safety and burn prevention firefighters and first responders dinosaurs for kids.

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