Dispute at Lindy’s leads to stabbing, three arrests on Providence Pike


NORTH SMITHFIELD – While the three people taken into custody on Sunday all told police different stories, it seems a verbal altercation between a motorcycle rider and a man driving in a truck with his 25-year-old daughter led to a fight – which later ended with a stabbing elsewhere in town.   

Tayla Sleboda, 25, of Smithfield, was charged with felony assault and disorderly conduct, and her father David Sleboda, 63, of Smithfield, was charged with disorderly conduct following the incident. Corey Constantineau, 40, of Blackstone, Mass, was also charged – with disorderly conduct and felony assault on a person over 60.

According to the arrest record, police were dispatched to the intersection of Providence Pike and Comstock Road for reports of a fight in progress around 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 1. Before they arrived, they were informed that one party has fled on a black Harley Davidson. 

Police reporting to the scene of the incident spoke with Tayla, who said that the motorcycle was tailgating the truck driven by her father, who pulled over to make a phone call. According to Tayla, the biker pulled over in front of them, and began yelling and cursing. When her father David got out of the vehicle, Tayla said the man, “sucker punched,” him and he fell to the ground. She told police she got out of the truck because she was scared the assault would continue and, “ended up stabbing,” the motorcycle driver with her pocket knife.

Officers then spoke to David, who smelled strongly of alcohol, according to reports. David told officers that he had two whiskey and cokes while having lunch with Tayla at Lindy’s Tavern.

“Every statement that David gave me completely contradicted the one that followed,” noted a narrative on the incident by officer Justin Switzer.

Switzer noted that from what he could gather from David’s statements, the parties had a verbal altercation at the restaurant and Constantineau followed them when they tried to head home.

Constantineau, meanwhile, was pulled over driving the bike on nearby Pound Hill Road. He reportedly told police that he was in the parking lot of Lindy’s trying to leave, but a truck was in the way so he beeped his horn. Constantineau said the truck then followed him, tailgating his motorcycle and pulling over behind him on Comstock Road.

The three accounts of the physical altercation also varied, but video taken by Tayla on her phone provided police with some limited clarity.

In the video, police note that David can be seen walking up to Constantineau and heard saying, “Let’s do it motherf&*ker.” Constantineau responds by kicking David and throwing a closed fist punch. David falls backward and Constantineau returns to his motorcycle, putting on his helmet as if to leave. David then gets up and approaches Constantineau, grabbing at his head and neck area and eventually pulling the helmet off.

Tayla approaches, and in audio, Constantineau can be heard yelling, “What are you going to stab me?” repeatedly, according to the report. Tayla eventually drops the phone and police say tussling can be heard, followed by Constantineau yelling, “Ow She stabbed me. Please get her off of me.”

Both he and David told police they wished to press charges.  

Constantineau was transported to Landmark Medical Center with a two inch stab wound. He was released with a 3rd District Court summons.

David Sleboda was also released with a 3rd District Court summons and a mandatory court date of Wednesday, Oct. 17. 

Tayla Sleboda was found to be out on bail for a previous charge out of West Warwick of malicious injury or killing of animals. She was released with a $10,000 surety bond and is scheduled for a pre-trial conference on Wednesday, Nov. 15. 

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  1. The girl that did the stabbing, I know she assaulted and beat up her mother a few years back ago.Her mother almost died from the beating.

  2. malicious injury or killing of animals! why is this girl even walk in the streets? first animals now humans? The man is lucky to be alive.

  3. I’m am the daughter of corey constantineau, and i know how it can be sometimes.. But there is no right that a woman needed to stab him! I don’t care what the circumstances were! This world has turned upside down, and it keeps happening everyday. No one can fight one on one or with fists anymore, weapons are always used it’s sickening! Grow up! 

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