Sunday cartoon: Avoid germs with Victor Virus


BURRILLVILLE – It’s October, and kids and families will begin to spend a lot more time in their homes, apartments, classrooms, daycares, libraries and community centers surrounded by other kids and families. Windows will soon be closing due to colder temperatures and poor weather conditions, putting everyone in confined environments, that helps breed colds, flu and viruses much easier than when people spend more of their time outdoors.

It’s much easier to spread germs to others inside these residences and other buildings. One of the most important messages we can all abide by is staying home and away from others if we feel sick or under the weather. Germs are spread quickly to others if those individuals are exposed to someone else’s illness. It is avoidable and manageable to help reduce the spread of germs. Just be responsible and avoid contact with the public to help prevent further transmission of viruses.

Kids can also help prevent the spread of germs by taking certain steps and precautions addressed in this week’s coloring cartoon. Victor Virus wants to remind kids to wash their hands often during the course of their active days. Kids should cough and sneeze into their shirt sleeves, and not openly cough and sneeze into the open air or near someone’s face – especially in their grade schools, daycares, community centers and libraries.

Another very important germ fighting message would be to never share foods and drinks with others, even if you are not feeling sick or under the weather. Sharing may be considered caring by some, but as far as our health goes it is not considered caring at all to share foods and drinks. If you really care, and you want to share foods and drinks, make sure that those items are not shared mouth-to-mouth and shared only as giving it solely to one person untouched or untasted first. You can’t spread germs if you haven’t already tasted it or consumed some of it prior to giving it to someone else.

Victor Virus and the Itty Bitty Super Dupers cartoon characters are very popular with kids, teens and families, and some of their messages consist of teaching kids about healthy habits, exercise and avoiding sickness, with a variety of coloring cartoons that will be featured in the weeks to come. The fall and winter months are subject to a variety of health issues that will be addressed related to kids and families, featuring coloring cartoons and articles, created and written for everyone over the next four months.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

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