Sunday cartoon: Truck bed rides are dangerous


BURRILLVILLE – Riding in truck beds is extremely dangerous on public streets, roads, highways and even off-roading on private property or town and state owned property.

Driving on private property is also illegal without permission by the owner, town or state that you reside in, or visit. The risks for injury and possibly even death far outweigh what you might consider to be fun and exciting.

It doesn’t matter if you are an adult, teenager or a child: never ride in the bed of a pick up truck. There are no seatbelts or passenger restraints properly installed inside the bed of a pick up or on a flatbed truck. A passenger can easily fall out of, or off of, any truck while it’s traveling at any rate of speed. Absolutely never allow young children and older kids to ride in the back of any truck. The potential dangers are obvious to anyone that understands that things in motion, stay in motion. Even just bouncing around inside the bed of a pick up truck can cause severe injuries such as bruises, broken bones, lacerations and concussions if you are unfortunate enough to hit your head on the truck bed rigid and metal interior frame structure. If there happen to be any unrestrained items strewn about inside the bed of the truck it could easily become a hazardous projectile that could cause severe injuries and potentially even fatal consequences. If you cannot properly restrain yourself, others or children inside any vehicle, then you should not allow them to travel with you.

Please color this week’s Sunday feature with your kids and discuss the dangers and hazards related to riding in the back of, or on, truck beds and flatbeds. You could even discuss these hazards and dangers with teenagers, other family members and friends to remind them about their own safety. Summer is here and outdoor vehicle activities increase significantly, whether it’s on public or private property.

Remember: Buckle up for safety kids, teens and adults!

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