Burrillville man arrested for assault against coaches who benched his son during baseball game


WOONSOCKET – A Burrillville man was taken into custody by the Woonsocket Police Department Saturday on multiple charges of assaulting baseball coaches – allegedly in furious retaliation for benching his son during a game at Renaud Field earlier this month.

Adam Joseph Soucy, 36, of 310 Church St., is charged with three counts of simple assault and battery in connection with the May 3 incident. 

The victims were not identified by name, but police reports said they were all coaches for a Woonsocket Boys Youth Baseball team. Two were women, one 43 years old, the other 20, and one was a man, also 20.

One of the women – the police reports don’t say which – was apparently the most seriously injured, suffering visible swelling and redness above her left eye, according to a report by Patrol Officer Shane Murray. A team of EMTs responded to the Aylsworth Avenue field, tending to the most seriously injured of the three coaches.

The coaches told responding investigators that the episode began when Soucy’s son was benched by the coaches – and the umpire – because he was, “acting out,” in an unspecified manner.

Soucy, who was standing near the bottom row of bleachers, separated from the playing area by a chain link fence, allegedly began yelling obscenities at the umpire and coaching staff. 

As the coaches approached Soucy from the other side of the chain link fence in attempts to defuse the situation, the assailant began throwing punches at them from over the top of the fence, police said.

Other adult spectators who were in attendance for the nighttime game intervened to prevent Soucy from continuing the assault.

When Soucy was informed that the coaches intended to call the police, he reportedly fled the scene with his son in a white sedan.

The coaches did not know Soucy by name, according to police, who later learned it from the league president. Through the course of their investigation, police said they discovered this isn’t the first time that Soucy had caused, “a disturbance,” at a game this season.

After a preliminary hearing in Sixth District Court, Soucy is held without bail at the Adult Correctional Institutions as a violator of his probation on a 2022 conviction for driving under the influence, according to the state Department of Corrections inmate tracker. The judiciary’s database says Soucy has actually been charged with driving under the influence at least three times in the past – twice in 2022 and once in 2012.

Soucy has a criminal record that that dates back to 2004 and includes a number of violent offenses, including felony assault, assault with a dangerous weapon in a dwelling and domestic breaking and entering.

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  1. When…or maybe (hopefully) IF… he gets out of jail, he should be banned from any and all youth sports events. Violating that ban should send him directly to the ACI.

  2. This person has serious issues and it was unfortunate that the women coaches and young male coach were subjected to this physical assault. All parents should be silent observers too many are verbally assaulting the officials or coaches. We don’t need to hear opinions on coaching or officiating during the game. If you feel that strongly about the officiating or coaching then volunteer to do it. These are kids who are participating to have fun and be with their friends. This is their time !!
    This was an extreme situation but parents need to start getting in line here or there will be no volunteer coaches or officials. It’s already happening.

    • Well said Joe. I have been an umpire for over 40 years here in RI. I have also umpired at New England Regionals, and Willamsport.

      This is getting out of hand, and mostly because of parents, fans, and coaches that don’t know the rules.

      There is a terrible shortage of youth sports officials across the country because of these types of behaviors.

      As umpires across the country, we started seeing these types of issues 5 years ago.

      If anyone believes they can be a positive influence for kids of an organization that will have the development of the kids, discipline, and respect “Please step up and help out”

      The coaches and officials are human.

      Sit back, relax, and enjoy watching your child have fun

      • As a youth coach and official we encourage parents to cheer on their kids, but there is a line between supporting your children, harassing officials, and ridiculing coaches. Officials get paid for their services, but we ultimate do it for the love of the game. Youth coaches are volunteers, we do it to be able to spend more time with our kids doing something they love, while teaching the game and life lessons that will follow these kids off the field. If a parent has a concern or issue with an official or a coach, take it up with the league. There is no need for parents to be making a scene on the sidelines. After all, youth sports are about the kids.

  3. Model pillar of the community material right there. Dad must’ve never received any participation awards during millenial tri-outs in the early 2000s. Not the last time you’ll see this guy’s name in the news. It’ll be assault w/ a deadly weapon next, then attempted murder and then murder. When does State-wide intervention occur, or how do these people get help to curb their anger and hostility? Doesn’t set a good example for the generation to come.

    Sad circumstance to say the least.

  4. It’s getting to the point that our mentally ill society needs a major overhaul; incarceration, insane asylum’s, drug & alcohol rehabilitation programs, or just stay home and not attend the kids events if you’re going to act like a clown show.

  5. Maybe teach your kid how to be a better ball player so he doesn’t get benched. Everyone needs a trophy.. clown show

    • Consider the pressure that kid is under. He may not even want to play. Or be just learning. But daddyo is pushing him. Kid may be so embarrassed now too. Daddyo face on the news….

  6. So sad that a child has this as a parent who obviously needs intervention, therapy. Hopefully DSS is involved in making sure this child and other siblings are safe. His bully attitude and need for attention need serious control. I hope the coaches make a speedy recovery. Prayers.
    It’s a game, need to chill. We are seeing too much violence for what is supposed to be a fun time with team mates. So many seem so mad every day, everywhere, with the need to control. Scary world now. We used to laugh at each other’s goofy plays, make playful fun, and did not take each other so seriously.

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