Sunday cartoon: Have a safe place in case of fire


BURRILLVILLE – With the milder temperatures and nicer than normal weather we’ve been enjoying this November, it could be the perfect time to practice exit drills in the home with your family before conditions change.

Area apartment and house fires are much more common during the colder weather months and the holiday season. Establishing escapes routes in your apartment or house helps reduce your chances of someone being trapped inside a burning building.

An essential part of practicing exit drills in your home in case of a fire is to pick out and select a safe place to meet away from your apartment or house. After establishing escape routes from a potential fire in your residence, you should also establish a safe meeting place for your family to gather together after escaping the fire. It is a very helpful strategy allowing your family to avoid any fire-related tragedy over the coming winter months and holiday season. It only takes a few minutes to practice these important escape tactics that could very well save a life.

This week’s Sunday feature includes a “Seasons Of Safety” coloring cartoon for kids, great for discussing fire escapes and safe meeting places with children in your home, grade school, daycare, library or community center. Exiting an imaginary burning buildings is something that should be practiced often, and having designated safe meeting places is crucial when it comes to residential fires.

Fire safety is just one of the winter season topics for little kids and families I will be addressing over the coming months. It is also one of the most important safety concerns that directly impacts everyone’s lives. More time is spent indoors during the cold winter months and an apartment or house fire can start at any unexpected time during the day or night. Be prepared for the worst, but let’s hope you never need to escape a residential fire. Stay fire safe all year long.

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