Corriveau: Vision 146


NORTH SMITHFIELD – In his bid for re-election to the North Smithfield Town Council, Steven Corriveau pointed to the opportunity for development of the Route 146 corridor, vowing to follow through with potential plans for the highway.

“It has been an honor to serve the town of North Smithfield as your councilman since 2020,” Corriveau said. “Many residents, including myself, have been thrilled to see the repaving of Route 146. No more potholes, divots, unmarked lanes, etc. But as we start a new year, one thing that comes to my mind is….opportunity.” 

“Aside from me advocating and supporting the increased budget of the Economic Development Committee from $500 to $50,000, we are at unique opportunity on what to do with Route 146 once the overpass construction begins. Last week, Woonsocket City Council members held a workshop to discuss the possibility of supplying water to our commercial district along 146,” Corriveau said. “Essentially, this would tap into an already existing water tank at Eddie Dowling shopping village and run it along 146 – north and south – to provide a much-needed resource. This will reignite and flourish this commercial area.” 

“The next two years are critical for North Smithfield and if done right, our residents will be in a position to benefit from stabilized or potentially lower taxes due to increase commercial tax revenue. My vision for 146 is one that would look like the Blackstone Valley area. Why wouldn’t we want it to be an attractive place to shop, for other out-of-town residents to visit rather than the pass-through, and have all of us benefit from making this area second to none in northern RI? I assure you if re-elected as your Councilman, I will follow through on this and get it on the right footing. I ask for your support on Election Day, November 8.”

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  1. Truth! Remember that his idol is Jim Jordan and he proceeded to play a video of him at a Town Council meeting. And the follow up response from John Beauregard was: “ Steve, your heart is in the right place.” As they say, birds of a feather, flock together. When they show you who they are believe them.

  2. Mr. Clifford, you may be retired but I’m currently working. I have availability on Wednesday to grab a coffee with you and chat. Please let me know if that works for you. I’d be more than happy to go over your inquiry. I’d do tomorrow but I’ll be too busy winning an election.

    • Wow. What a pompous response. I wish that you would approach public service with some humility instead of this antagonistic drivel.

    • Looks like you’ll have plenty of time on your hands going forward to sit with Mike…. perhaps he can impart some wisdom.

  3. Stephen, have you done a impact or financial analysis to support the expansion of water on 146 vison. Or are you like Gary E. who just thinks its a good idea with no analysis or will support his vision any way he can with twist data. Second what is your plan for the spending on economic development. Basically what is the detailed plan on how you are going to attract new businesses into North Smithfield?

  4. Steve, I have long thought that North Smithfield relied too heavily on residential property taxes without seeking a greater share of the RI business community. RI is not the most hospitable state to business, and oppressively high citizen taxes are the result. We need the forward vision such as you provide to encourage the right kind of business for North Smithfield. I look forward to making this progress in the coming term.

  5. So there’s at least 3 businesses that have left the town currently, and now he’s putting the future of the town’s economic hopes in one basket? With the agreement of more water, wouldn’t the town need to pay more? We kinda screwed over Woonsocket with Dowling village water agreement, and they have been reluctant to do business with us since. If he wanted to improve the area for more businesses, wouldn’t we need to buy out the current residents on those roads forcing more economic hardship on the current residents? On top of that, isn’t he just kicking the can down the road another 5 years? Why 5 years you may ask, well it’s 2ish years for 146 to be completed, with another couple of years of building up the area for businesses, with a couple more waiting for development of the actual business/tenets. I think there’s a lot more room at Dowling village for businesses, but why has no one moved in? That’s the question that should really be answered.
    I swear that the current council members haven’t played a single hour of a city building management game and it shows, where you have to balance budgets and plan out areas for development within the budget. They just have big ideas with enormous tax burden on the residents, but nothing to show for it, where’s the fiscal responsibility if this doesn’t work? What makes you so sure that there won’t be another recession and businesses can’t expand into the area? I for one hope there isn’t, but I’m also preparing myself and my family in case there is.

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