Beauregard points to quality of life, creating community in re-election bid


NORTH SMITHFIELD – In his bid for re-election to the North Smithfield Town Council, John Beauregard pointed to his efforts to improve quality of life and to build a great community while serving in town government.

Beauregard was first elected to the Town Council in 2016 after retiring from the Rhode Island State Police the previous year.  

“As president in that first term I worked with my fellow counselors to bring business into town, which helped us grow our tax base and take some of the burden off the home owners,” Beauregard said. “Myself and then Councilor Zwolenski also successfully negotiated an agreement to purchase the Gold Forest using an open space bond that had been approved by a previous council. Unfortunately. the incoming council did not agree on the importance of open space and acquiring this beautiful piece of property and the deal fell through.”  

Beauregard said that during his first term he also led the charge to get school resources officers assigned to protect children before, during and after school. And he noted that, for the first time in years the Town Council and School Committee worked together to provide opportunities for children.  

“The council also worked closely with the town administrator for the benefit of the town, which also was something that had not happened for many years,” Beauregard said. “Gone were the days of constant bickering and infighting.”

Beauregard noted that in 2018, he organized the town’s first 4th of July fireworks as a mean to celebrate the community at no cost to the town thanks to donations from the local business community.  

“The first year was a greater success than anyone imagined with almost 1,000 people in attendance,” he said. “Since that first day in 2018, the event has grown to a four-day event called North Smithfield Days with kids movie night, kids day in the park, walking tours in the town, a dinner under the stars, all culminating with our spectacular fireworks – which were attended by almost 2,000 people this year.”

“Keeping taxes low, being fiscally responsible, being transparent are, of course, all important issues and what everyone seems to run on,” he added. “But what makes a town a great community are the little things. We could cut everyone’s taxes hundreds of dollars a year if all we wanted was a piece of land to put a house on. But we want great schools, ball games, clean parks, fall festivals, fireworks, concerts on the common, a place to watch our children compete in sporting events, kids day in the park, movie nights, open space to go for walks, a parks and recreation department, Easter egg hunts with the Easter bunny.”  

“It’s things like these and many more I did not mention that truly make a town a great community and give us a higher quality of life,” Beauregard said. “The little things are the big things. And it is the little things I have done my best to bring to our town since 2016 and will continue to do if I am reelected.”   

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  1. Ida, neither of my two comments were intended to offend you. I’m well aware that you’ve supported my positions on other issues and have appreciated your support. I’ve never received any type of notification like you did, and I was truly concerned about it. That’s why I asked you to contact me. I did honestly think you might’ve posted the comment by error on this page. I’ve had to validate some statements before my comments got posted on another website which is why I was concerned. Again, sorry if I offended you. It was not my intent.

    • Ok, I understand. Thanks for the explanation. I have supported you and even wrote you requesting the suit documents. While I do not FB I can see some things of a person’s page. Glad they finally LISTENED to you concerning the taxes on the solar farm issue….you were correct but will THAT ever be noted? No. The problem with many is that they HEAR….but do not LISTEN! Big difference!

      I have posted much in the past, and at the bottom of each post is that captcha of verification of us, so that is why I found it crazy I should get an email with a link to follow through on, after it indicated I had posted on Mr B, wanting me to verify ADDITIONALLY who I was. I never followed the link suggestion….but I checked on my posting here, and my post had stayed up. Overall, a very weird thing to happen to me via the very email I use to post here. So now that Sandy is aware of this weird occurrence hopefully they may catch whatever it was that caused it. Thanks to all…

      • Thanks for the clarification Ida. I’m completely unfamiliar with whatever was sent to you and haven’t witnessed it myself. It sounds like you did the right thing in not clicking on the link as it may have been some type of scam disguising itself as the website. If your comment posted, it likely did not come from here or us.

    • You seem to have a problem with me too there Mike when exercising my right to free speech. And since when does my question for Mr B or this site concern you? Oh that’s right, it does not…..I even supported you when you pursued the solar farm issue. So even your sometimes supporters get attacked now.

      Yes, my email from this website, this page, stated that after I put in a post here, asked me to verify my identity by clicking on a link. So whether you were hacked or me, I did not click on the link, but it specifically addressed my post here, on this website. Only having to do with Mr B….no other posts. So that is why I mentioned it. It was strange.

  2. Since when does my email get pinged by Mr B through this website? Since when do I get an email to verify who I am after putting up a comment? Since when is that allowed to privately get my email because I put in a comment? You need to look into that. No ifs, ands or buts.

    • I’d like to know how I can get access to the information about people who use bogus names and criticize me. Please message me on FB or email me at I’d appreciate you’re assistance Ida. In answer to your question about how John feels regarding the TA’s comments toward the female employee, hers’s an answer he gave to another media outlet: ” We are aware of the suit and will let the system play itself out.”

      • That is my real name ….not bogus but thanks. And yes, I do post on the VB page also, I am everywhere like God! Lol.
        As for other issues, it seems you have well enough in hand to counter/show the good ole boy network is alive and well, additionally not concentrating about quality of life for its own staff member. Suffice to say, they are called ENABLERS. Shame on them…and bet it would be different if it were one of their wives or daughters undergoing such predatory behavior.

    • We have truly no idea what Ida is talking about. Nothing what-so-ever has changed in the system. The comments clearly aren’t filtered or flagged as all are visible and posted immediately unless they contain links or obscenities – at which point I have to approve them manually as a security feature (spam bots post links.) No one is given your private email when you post a comment.that we’re aware of. (if there’s some kind of “hack” or way around this, we don’t know it.) As far as “pings,” anyone who checks the “notify me” box below the thread is notified when there’s a new comment on a particular article.

  3. I wonder how Mr Beauregard feels about how the TA spoke to the female worker which resulted in her lawsuit. Saying nothing, says a lot. Not addressing the issue says volumes. And for the fact that Zwolenski has not been relieved of his position yet as this plays out, says a lot about the HR Dept. and town administration. That women are not treated equally and with respect. How can any self respecting man tolerate the words spoken to this female worker which are incredibly disgusting. This again, speaks volumes of the current small town administration, that doing so is acceptable. Well it is not, do something to make your offices respectfully professional, the nation is watching, and waiting.

  4. Jason, I am truly disappointed in your comments. As a fellow Telegram RI Stands Up member, I had you all wrong. I thought you were smart and played fair. That isn’t so. Comparing the TC to Seinfeld? What? Under John’s leadership, they clearly work to make our community better, and they take their positions seriously. Have you NOTHING to say about the real conflicts in our community, like the year-long, strong opposition of parents to what is happening in our schools? Like someone running for TC who has a history of controversial work for the city? Very disappointing indeed.

  5. John I have just one suggestion. You should look into getting a professional photo taken to use in your political ads and potential adding a video to your website or Facebook page. Professional photos on ads and videos are said to add value and votes. Good luck.

      • John, how about a comment on this Valley Breeze post this morning, “Zwolenski’s former assistant sues over alleged improper comments”. I’m sure the voters would love to hear how long this was kept under wraps.

  6. Thanks for suggesting what I should do but I’ve got a mind of my own. If there was a question on my mind, it wouldn’t be you who I would turn to for advice.

  7. I heard John wanted to name the Concession stand after you Tony is that true? Did you ask him to? You’ve been obsessed with me since 2012, so if one of us has an obsession Tony, take a look in the mirror. I don’t have the time to count all your comments about me, but I’m certain your record beats mine. I also know I’ve never laughed at the elderly as you’ve done.

    • I’ve been obsessed with volunteering to help make North Smithfield a better place to live and play. I won’t be going back 10 years to keep score. But I do look forward to the tally on November 8.

      • Tony if you have your way North Smithfield will not be a better place to live because the taxes are going to be so high not even you could afford to live in NS. Maybe we should allow taxpayers the ability to pay or not pay for your ideas. Lets see how many takers we would have.

  8. John I think you and the current council are doing a great job. You all have my vote. Don’t let these cry babies deter you from what your doing for our great town.

    Thank you

  9. Nothing personal about me??!! That’s a good one, you are constantly referring to me in derogatory terms on social media. I’m glad to hear those weren’t personal attacks on my character. LOL

    • You should ask that this comment be deleted. You are constantly referring to John in derogatory terms on social media. Isn’t your entire Cliff Notes page all about him? But you don’t like it when someone does it to you that’s a bit hypocritical don’t you think.

  10. I’m referring to the assessed value of your property in the last reevaluation which impacts your property tax. They are a matter of public record so I don’t understand why you are reluctant to discuss it. See the last sentence in my original comment.

    • Again, why would I discuss my personal information with you? If its public record than by all means have at it. We are not friends so I won’t discuss anything personal to you. By all means pay it as well!

  11. John Beauregard tried to stop me several times Deborah but I won’t stop until I was done. There have been lawsuits over attempts by elected leaders to stifle residents from voicing their concerns. Funny how you refer to my comments at a public meeting as “rant” but you don’t consider your own comments made at a school committee meeting to be a rant. How did you make out in the recent revaluation? John and his fellow council members did nothing about that bogus revaluation despite the fact that some of them stated publicly it was a mess. Typically people who got ridiculously low assessed values are big defenders of the current council.

    • Mike you do know people think you are sickly obsessed with John. It’s actually kind of creepy. Seek help! Funny how you came running to respond to me but still have me blocked on FB.

    • What you do is rant about things that have nothing to do with you personally but others. What I did at the SC was advocate for my child who was personally affected.

    • What I “rant” about are issues which affect everyone in this town, not just myself. I’m not obsessed with John; I’m disgusted by John and his self-serving actions as Council President. I guess you don’t want to share how you made out in the revaluation.

      • Nothing to see here Mr. Clifford: just 13 Cliff Notes posts in less than a month (and a total of 37 edits!) – all directly targeted at or alluding to John Beauregard. By my count, that’s obsessive and compulsive wrapped around pathological narcissism. Look it up Mike – it’s you.

        Full disclosure – my 2022 property valuation went up over $100,000 and property taxes went up almost 9%. Kinda kills your ridiculous “big defenders of the current council” argument. And yes, that is public record.

        • Unless 100k is only a 9% increase in your property value, then a 9% increase of your taxes is a pretty good deal.

  12. Hopefully he is “NO ” vote for many, as his platform is built around, higher taxes, not being fiscally responsible, and not being transparent. I would like to hear his comments on the sexual harassment allegations lodged against his good buddy Zwolenski, or is he hiding that too. This town deserves better, it’s time for a change.

    • There are 39 cities/towns in RI and NS isn’t even ranked in the top 10 for taxes. We’re 4% lower the EG which is number 10.

      Providence has a property tax rate of 24.56
      Central Falls has a property tax rate of 23.76
      Woonsocket has a property tax rate of 23.75
      Johnston has a property tax rate of 23.24
      West Warwick has a property tax rate of 23
      North Providence has a property tax rate of 22.81
      East Providence has a property tax rate of 21.5
      Foster has a property tax rate of 23.34
      East Greenwich has a property tax rate of 21.01

        • Pat by all mean if you feel as though you can do a better job run for office. If not than make recommendations. Just because a small group doesn’t want community events or projects that would move us into the current century doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t.

      • Deb the tax rate is lower due to the fiscal responsibility of past council members and not the work of John B. If we build the $20M police station and continue to spend on ridiculous football fields then we will be in the top 10.

        • John was a “past” TC member. The football field may seem ridiculous to you but its used by the schools for many sports. Sports are an important part of our children’s development its sad when people make comments like this.

          • Deb John B was not a long standing council member as was others in the past lets say 10 to 20 years ago who considered the long term financial impact of additional spending. Second we have ignore the main purpose of the schools which is to educate students with skills they will use the rest of there life such as math, reading and writing. We have failed to maintain our building properly and our test scores prior to COVID are not acceptable. So if I had to make a financial spending decision I would chose education over sports every day of the week. Also I was at a high school sporting event recently and the brand new bathrooms and concession stand was locked and not open. Also as a side note that in my day no field in my area had lights for night games as it was too expensive to install and pay for the electric bill. Also note that many NFL teams use grass for a number of valid reasons just check out the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers.

            Also I have not looked lately but how is the NS football team performing. I hope they a developing the skill of disappointment as they will be very disappointed in life when they do not have the skills to compete in the real world.

            • Frank, I applaud your patience and points that you have suggested to Deb G, unfortunately she is one of Beauregard’s pit bulls and her views are clouded. This town needs some fiscal restraint and many of us can see it, hopefully enough to change the council’s stance on spending.

            • Wow do you know who is responsible for what? John is not in charge of curriculum St Jean and the SC is. He is not responsible for the concession stand St Jean subbed it out. The field was part of the SC budget. Lights today are energy efficient. You cant base budgets on 10-20 years ago as the economy changed and cost of materials and labor are much higher. As for the football field did you know that the HS soccer team uses it and will be a D1 next year. As for test scores they are useless when the tests and curriculum is dictated by RIDE or we won’t receive funding.

  13. Jason well put. Its a no vote for me as I do not like the spending on supporters pet projects when the towns roads and buildings all need annual maintenance and up keep. And I do not mean build a police station that is twice the size and cost that the town can afford.

  14. Watching the Town Council function reminds me of an episode of Seinfeld: If you are not following the expected narrative, the “No soup for you!” gavel comes down. That’s no way to run a TC Meeting.

    • That’s funny I watched Cliffs rant at the TC meeting where he continuously made ridiculous comments about a member of the TC and no one stopped him. Someone should’ve “let the gavel down” but they allow everyone to speak. Enlighten which meeting did they prevent someone from voicing their opinion?

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