Multiple assaults lead to injury of firefighter, two arrests, marking busy night at Hilltop Inn


NORTH SMITHFIELD – Police called to Hilltop Inn on Eddie Dowling Highway three times in one night last month later described a violent series of incidents leading to two arrests, multiple assaults, an unconscious suspect and threatening behavior against officers from witnesses.

Mariah Dubois, 20, of Woonsocket, was later charged with assault of a police officer and other official, a felony, along with four misdemeanor charges: two counts of disorderly conduct, obstructing an officer and resisting arrest.

Thomas Lamoureux, 61, of North Smithfield was charged with vandalism and two counts of disorderly conduct.

According to arrest reports, the incident began around 7:30 p.m. on Monday, August 8 when officers were called to the motel for a report of vandalism. A victim told officers Lamoureux had popped the tire of a truck he was driving, which belonged to his boss.

The owner of the vehicle was contacted and told police he wished to press charges, according to the arrest report.

Lamoureux denied causing the damage, and the hotel manager present at the time told officers that he did not know how to operate the video surveillance footage, so no arrests were initially made.

At around 8:15 p.m., officers were called back to the motel after Lamoureux allegedly told a bystander he would slash their tires too, although no action had accompanied the threat.

Police again cleared the scene, but were called back a third time around 9:15 p.m. to find Lamoureux with blood on his face and a small laceration at the top of his head.

In descriptions of the incident including narratives by multiple officers, witnesses reported watching a confrontation between Dubois and Lamoureux in which she assaulted him with a closed fist and kicked him in the head, while others attempted to pull her off of him.

Officers reportedly located Dubois’s shoes, which had blood on them, and observed video footage in which she is seen being held back during an encounter with Lamoureux, ultimately striking him and kicking him in the head.

Dubois reportedly struggled to pull away during the arrest that followed, and was restrained by two officers, who held her down by kneeling on her shoulders and legs while she attempted to kick at them. According to a narrative by Patrol Officer Kyle Delprete, at one point Patrol Officer Conor Dispirito was kneeling on her stomach it attempt to control her.

“It should be noted that during this time, a crowd began to form with bystanders yelling at officers,” Delprete noted.

During the struggle, a male and female from the crowd approach the two officers, “in an aggressive and fighting manner,” and Delprete reportedly aimed his taser at them, telling them to get back.

While in route back to the station, Dubois told police she was having an asthma attack, and one officer returned to the motel for her inhaler. At police headquarters, Dubois reportedly passed out, and then began going in and out of consciousness.

Rescue arrived to transport her for medical care and while being secured to a stretcher in the ambulance, she reportedly kicked a firefighter. Delprete notes the the firefighter reacted by calling her an expletive and striking her in the leg with a closed fist. She kicked at him again several times, eventually striking the firefighter with enough force to push him out of the open doors of the rescue and onto the ground.

Dubois reportedly continued to attack rescue personnel while being transported to Landmark Medical Center. At the hospital, she attempted to spit at nurses, and was eventually controlled with a spit mask and a sedative.

Back at the station, meanwhile, Lamoureux reportedly became uncooperative, refused to sign paperwork or provide fingerprints, and threatened to sue officers for being held in the cruiser. He was given an initial charge of disorderly conduct, and arrested again three days later after police reviewed surveillance footage that reportedly showed him tampering with the truck that had a slashed tire.

Both defendants have criminal records in the state database and cases on the latest incident remain open.

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