New Glocester business brings PEMF therapy, relief – to both humans and their furry friends


GLOCESTER – There’s a new business in Glocester as of this month, Tourtellot Hill Holistic Center. 

Business owner Jerika Verrier explains the company offers, “alternative-type holistic care.”

One of the services offered at the rural Tourtellot Hill location is reflexology, in which pressure is applied to the feet that can result in, “homeostasis balance,” says the business owner. What’s more, the company offers LZR light therapy, and Reiki healing, and sells personal and gift items such as healing crystals and hand-crafted wire-wrapped jewelry. 

A specialty of Tourtellot Hill Holistic Center is Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy. Non-invasive pulses of electromagnetic energy are applied to the body in a series of treatments, to treat issues such as inflammation.

Verrier treats the “spectrum” of clients, “from people to big animals,” she says.

She notes she offers travel sessions or house calls, visiting clients who are, “not comfortable leaving home.” She calls on animal clients, “barn to barn,” or can offer treatment at the center at 138 Tourtellot Hill Road.

The pain-free PEMF machine is “used by a lot of athletes.”  The technology is used by human athletes, but also on, “lots of performance horses,” for uses such as rejuvenation of their feet.

PEMF can improve circulation as well as lessen inflammation. The technology, “is amazing for dogs,” according to Verrier, who noted it’s, “really nice” when an older dog suffering from hip trouble, who hasn’t been mobile and was declining, experiences relief.

Verrier says she discovered the wonders of PEMF when she had issues with her neck and someone tried the technology on her. The experience led to Verrier studying and earning certification through a combination of online and hands-on training. She studied with a veterinarian who treats show horses, and notes that the Kentucky Derby uses electromagnetic therapy.

But what does the technology do below the surface?

“The main thing is inflammation at the cellular level;” Verrier said, adding it, “increases metabolism for blood cells to function properly and not stuck together.”

She said that for human beings, the technology is used for a variety of conditions such as Lyme disease, tennis elbow, and even for some mental health issues. She notes that for those apprehensive about trying something new, she’s happy to set up a casual visit to the center, or even meet a potential new client for coffee.

And she encourages potential clients to put a higher priority on self care.

“Self care is not selfish. Self care is not expensive. Self care is an investment,” notes the business on social media. “If you don’t take the time to focus on your own health and wellness how can you provide so much for everyone around you?”

The therapy is not yet covered by insurance. The price for treatments runs about $75 an hour, depending on the specific treatment. With the customer in mind, Tourtellot Hill Holistic Center offers package deals.

Verrier said she is pleased with the welcoming she has received from the town of Glocester for her small business, saying she’s met, “some of the most amazing people.” She notes that she and her family just recently became residents of the town.

To learn more, follow the business on Facebook or book your appointment by calling (401) 209-0016.

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