Body discovered by North Smithfield roadway


NORTH SMITHFIELD – A driver traveling on Iron Mine Hill Road last week reportedly discovered the body of a recently deceased woman on the front lawn of a nearby residence.

The gruesome discovery was made on Tuesday, March 15. Police confirmed that a body was found, but have not yet released information regarding the incident.

“At this time, the department has no comment due to pending further investigation,” said Tafida Allen, administrative assistant for the North Smithfield Police Department.

The witness has asked to remain anonymous and said the cause of death was not immediately clear.

NRI NOW will publish further information on the incident once it becomes available.

Editor’s note: At request of those involved, NRI NOW has removed some details about the case.

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  1. The family has the right to privacy and for the victim’s name and some details left out. If the police believed the public were in danger they would have let the public know . Think if it were your child,mother or sister would you want that to be the memory people had of them or worse people come to their own false conclusions about them? Not every thing needs to be public information! I am sure the family appreciates your discretion,Sandy

    • Nobody is covering anything up. The police are investigating it currently and the family doesn’t want to be in the lime light.. The victims family is very distraught and grieving very hard. To find your own family member in your lawn is so traumatizing.. I can’t even imagine what they’re going through right now. And it is way too early to make assumptions about a case that doesn’t have much information

    • Hi Frank as a family member of this person I will tell you this it is being looked at. We all are shocked and a worried because we know this isn’t the way she wanted to go out. So let’s just put our family in your prayers and let us investigate and get the truth of the case

  2. This is why I read NRINOW, because we can find things here that no other news outlet cares about. If it wasn’t for this site, we would never have known anything about this. It’s not Sandy’s job to notify other news outlets. Why aren’t other news outlets reporting it now? It’s up here, online, for all to see. They don’t care! But we do in Northern RI and thank goodness for this site! Great job, Sandy!

    • Thank you – seriously. This is a sensitive subject and it’s difficult to know the right way to handle it. There’s the responsibility to report an incident that people witnessed – versus trying not to further upset the family of the victim – complicated by the lack of any official statement. The best I can do is to maintain my commitment to bringing the community factual information to the best of my ability

  3. I guess my question would be, we are just hearing about this now? Whether foul play was a factor or not, a woman dead in her yard in North Smithfield is frightening. Why was this not reported to Projo, Channel’s 10 or 12? And I agree with Jen, was there follow up on her call?

    • You heard about it from us, as with most local/breaking stories, because we live in the community and have contacts. It wasn’t “reported” to anyone – except to you, as a reader, by us. We waited for requested information which the department declined to provide because of the ongoing investigation. 10, 12 and ProJo will generally only work with a press release or pick up the information from another source when it comes to northern RI towns.

      • No offense Sandy, but a woman dead on a lawn, deserves immediate attention from media, not days later and the PD should have made the community aware immediately, not days later, especially if there is any question of foul play.

        • I agree. I pursued the official statement as soon as I had the information. But to give you another perspective, I had another person tell me I should have continued to wait, and a couple even tried to make the case that it’s not news.
          That said, we do not know if there’s foul play and it’s probably best to let them complete their investigation rather than speculate or assume the worst.

      • Sandy, I agree that it is not your job to notify any other station or news outlet. But this certainly impacts a community and the NSPD should communicate this type of news as someone may have information. As so many tried to keep you from releasing this information, something is definitely amiss.

        • We have heard several off-the-record details about this case which will not be published without an official source. Suffice to say, you are making assumptions that cannot be made without further information.
          Just so you’re aware, I did not accept the “no comment,” without attempting to explain that the public should be told something, even if certain information was redacted/withheld both for the family’s privacy and the sake of the investigation. The department declined – which does lead to public speculation – but I recommend you resist that urge.

  4. This is very scary as I was intentionally run off the road running last week on industrial dr in NS. I got the license plate and called the police! I hope this is not what happened to this lady and she wasn’t able to get out of the way! Hopefully NS PD took note of my call!


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