Woonsocket woman accused of assaulting Stop & Shop worker over $156 in stolen meat


NORTH SMITHFIELD – A 35-year-old Woonsocket woman was arrested this month after reportedly assaulting a supermarket employee who confronted her over a bag of stolen meat.

Amy Dauphinais was charged with shoplifting, simple assault and disorderly conduct following the incident on Wednesday, Jan. 5.

According to the arrest report, a Stop & Shop Loss Prevention employee told police that he observed Dauphinais selecting large amounts of ground beef and putting it into a reusable bag in her shopping cart.

The store manager told officers that when he confronted Dauphinais, she swung a bag of meat at him, hitting him on the right side. He said Dauphinais threatened to punch him in the face multiple times, and that when he took out his phone to call the police, she tried to grab it, leaving a scratch on his hand.

The meats should have cost a total of $156.92, according to the report.

Dauphinais told police that she did not shoplift, and that she only hit the employee because he pushed her.

It is not her first run-in with North Smithfield police. In September, she was charged with three counts of shoplifting, obstructing an officer and felony conspiracy.

Dauphinais is scheduled to face Judge Anthony Caparo for charges from both incidents on Tuesday, Feb. 1.

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  1. People like her ruin it for the other people who use the reusable shopping bags and have the honesty to pay for all their groceries. She needs more than probation. I hope she’s ordered to pay back stop and shop for the meat she attempted to steal and more even though she didn’t walk out with the meat. We all are struggling to a certain extent with money now a days but that doesn’t give anyone a right to steal OR assault someone and then lie about it.

  2. Sounds like quite a recidivism. I usually don’t read crime from this state. I am retired police officer. I have worked all areas of law enforcement. I am sure the judges know how to handle her case and a final outcome. We have jails full of people here in Columbia, SC who shoplift many times also. They serve a jail sentence and pay money. We have really big crimes in South Carolina until its compared to New York. Its not just the deep South anymore. I wish l had an answer for these crimes. Every state is fighting their own battle of crimes. Thank you for your time.

  3. $156.00 in stolen meat. So when you factor meat prices, add inflation… Do the math… I’m guessing that the amount of items stolen was one 3 pound package of 75% ground beef. LoL
    Put her in a cell and only feed her cheap ground beef with gristle in it till it’s coming out of her ears.
    Seriously though, I’m sure she’ll be shoplifting again, since she has a habit of it. Put her on probation w ankle bracelet.


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