North Smithfield scholars recognized at virtual awards ceremony


NORTH SMITHFIELD – A virtual awards program streamed to North Smithfield families on Friday, June 18 recognized outstanding members of the Class of 2021, with the announcement of awards and honors for achievements during their time at North Smithfield High School.

Teachers and administrators spoke about the students, discussing the reasons each was chosen to receive honors in music, athletics, academics and more.

First was the All Around Art Excellence Award, presented by visual arts teacher Andrea Savginac to senior Bethany Raposa.

“She is a creative thinker who is not afraid to be herself,” said Savignac of Raposa.

Science Department Chairperson Lauren Nelson presented the Science Department Award to Madison Tiner, who plans to attend the University of Rhode Island next year to study biology and secondary education.

“She displays scientific aptitude and curiosity,” Nelson said of the student.

Prior to the school’s pandemic-related closure in 2020, NSHS held a National History Day event in keeping with last year’s theme “Breaking Barriers. Teacher Natalie O’Brien recognized Raposa as author of the first place paper in the competition and student Pasquale Camastro as winner of the first place individual exhibit. Student Jenna Gamache won second place for individual exhibits and group exhibit awards went to Olivia Cimerol, Jordan Allard, Noah Gremour and Jack Beauchemin.

English Department Chairperson Karen Bodden announced that the Sue VanHouwe Hreczuck Memorial English Award will go to Emily Daltorio.

“She’s a great writer and a great communicator,” said Bodden. “This is a student that loves literature.”

Band Director Kevin Plouffe announced that the Director’s Choice Award goes to Courtney Toporosky.

“This student was always willing to get the job done with a winning smile,” Plouffe said.

Varsity Club Awards were given to all students who received seven or more varsity letters during their time at NSHA and Athletic Director Matthew Tek named Thao Nguyen, Madison Tiner, Olivia Cimerol, Eliana Jagiello, Tessa LaBarre, Alyssa Neri, Aiden Beauchmin, Ethan Cote and Evan Gravel.

Physical Education Department Chairperson James Fitzgerald announced Unified Sports Team recognitions, with student Ruth Diaz noted for volleyball and Hurteau as a, “perfect partner.” For basketball, Fitzgerald acknowledged Natalia Yearby and MVP  Cole Thaddeus Stenovitch.

“When I need him to do anything he’s there for me,” Fitzgerald said of Stenovich.

Special scholarships were also announced from various town organizations, and the North Smithfield Teachers Association presented the student who raised more than $4,000 for Parkinson’s Foundation as her senior project, Hailey Hurteau, with theirs.

Clarissa Russell described the process of selecting Hurteau, who plans to study elementary education at Rhode Island College next year.

“It was clear that many teachers thought very highly of this student,” Russell said, noting that with Hurteau’s virtual 5-k, “she put in well beyond the 15 hours of field work required to complete her project.”

“Congratulation, Hailey, on this achievement,” Russell said. “We are so proud of you.”

Below is an additional list of awards and recognitions announced Friday night. The complete video can be viewed here.


American Mathematical Society Award: Ethan Kmiecik

Spanish Achievement Award: Meghan Stevens and Alexandra Orovitz

National Honor Society Officers:

  • Alexandra Orovitz – President
  • Sophie Yatskin – Vice President
  • Meghan Stevens – Treasurer
  • Madison Tiner – Communications Secretary
  • Tessa LaBarre – Recording Secretary

Matthew James Milner Memorial Scholarship: Madison Tiner

French Club Officers:

  • President – Brett Berard
  • Vice President – Amanda Haner
  • Treasurer – Noah Gremour
  • Secretary – Madison Tiner

French Achievement Award : Madison Tiner

Class of 2020 Officers:

  • President – Samantha Hvizdos
  • Vice President – Kylie McCauley
  • Treasurer – Owen Dubois
  • Secretary – Tessa LaBarre


Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Patrick Vose

Choral Director Awards: Eva Carnevale, Samantha Hvizdos

National School Choral Award: Hailey Hurteau

Outstanding Achievement in Dance: Eliana Jagiello

John Philip Sousa Band Award: Meghan Stevens

Subway Most Valuable Student Athlete: Aidan Beauchemin & Thao Nguyen

Northmen/Lady Northmen Senior Athlete of the Year: Alyssa Neri & Evan Gravel

North Smithfield Alumni Association Sportsmanship Award: Ethan Lussier & Olivia Cimerol

North Smithfield Athletic Association Distinguished Athlete Award: Ethan Cote & Madison Tiner

NSHS Scholar/Athlete Awards: Declan Eddy & Tessa Labarre

US Figure Skating Association Gold level performer: Laura Molloy


Rhode Island College Book Award: Emily Daltorio

Pell Award for U. S. History: Joshua Kortchinsky

Lt. Governor’s Award: Olivia Cimerol

Congressman Cicilline Award: Hailey Hurteau

Mary E. McNamara Award: Sophie Yatskin

Career & Technical Education Honors

In Business:

Jenna Gamache
Connor Lordan
Kaprina Menorath
Owen Regan

In Music:

Eva Carnevale
Owen Dubois
Tyler Helm
Samantha Hvizdos
Nathan Skinner

In Pre-Engineering:

Allison Beecy
Aaron Keene
Shane Keene
Cameron Martin
Brendan Silvia

Rhode Island Honor Society:

Grace Albrecht
Jordan Allard
Aidan Beauchemin
Jack Beauchemin
Brett Berard
Eva Carnevale
Olivia Cimerol
Emily Daltorio
Hailey Daviau
Griffin Dec
Kaitlynn Dowling
Owen Dubois
Declan Eddy
Jasmine Floyd
Deven Grant
Brynn Grenkiewicz
Payton Gudas
Amanda Haner
Macey Hanks
Conner Huntley
Hailey Hurteau
Samantha Hvizdos
Aaron Keene
Shane Keene
Ethan Kmiecik
Joshua Kortschinsky
Tyler Kraus
Tessa LaBarre
Connor Lordan
Meaghan Marcoux
Cameron Martin
Laura Molloy
Alyssa Neri
Thao Nguyen
Devony Omweg
Alexandra Orovitz
Alyson Paux
Bethany Raposa
Owen Regan
Hunter Sande
Brenden Silvia
Amanda Szulc
Madison Tiner
Madyson VanderPutten
Samantha Wholey
Sophie Yatskin

RIDE Senior Pinning – Students going into education:

  • Alexis Bogan
  • Declan Eddy
  • Hailey Hurteau
    Devony Omweg
    Alexandria Regan
    Skylah Sullivan
    Madison Tiner
    Rylie Vowels
    Samantha Wholey

Class of 2020 4.0 Club:

Emily Daltorio
Amanda Haner
Connor Huntley
Ethan Kmiecik
Joshua Kortschinsky
Tessa Labarre
Alyssa Neri
Thao Ngyuen
Alexandra Orovitz
Alyson Paux
Meghan Stevens
Madison Tiner
Sophie Yatskin

Salutatorian Award: Ethan Kmiecik

Valedictorian Award: Meghan Stevens

N. S. Youth Soccer Association Scholarships: Owen Dubois, Evan Gravel

Frehill Council #5702 Scholarship: Owen Dubois

Michele Crepeau Memorial Scholarship: Macey Hanks

NSPTO Award: Evan Gravel

Carl & Ruby Christiansen Scholarship: Allison Beecy

James Dalti Memorial Scholarship: Macey Hanks

Friends of the North Smithfield Scholarship: Declan Eddy & Samantha Wholey

Kidz Club Scholarship: Devony Omweg

The Bradley Scholarship Awards: Ethan Kmiecik & Madison Tiner

Monroe/Cahill Memorial Scholarship: Olivia Cimerol & Connor Huntley

The Scottie Wright Memorial Scholarship: Alyson Paux

Class of 1971 Memorial Scholarship: Macey Hanks

Cabral/Contildes Family Scholarship: Deven Grant

Michael F. Lovett Scholarship: Kylie McCauley & Alyson Paux

Samuel Lilley Memorial Scholarship: Matthew Gromkiewicz

The Rhode Island Polonia Scholarship Foundation: Amanda Szulc

North Smithfield Little League Scholarship: Evan Gravel

Daughters of the American Revolution Award: Joshua Kortschinsky

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