The Pascoag Utility District has received the final disbursements of more than $900,000 in grant money from a project first started in 2017. The USDA grant came through following completion of Phase 3 of the company’s water main cleaning and lining project, which was finished this past fall.

In addition to the grant money, PUD was also able to secure a USDA loan $1.2 million for the remaining cost of the project at a very low interest rate and 40 year term.

“With the lined water mains and all new valves and hydrants as part of the project, our customers can finally be proud of a much more modern water system,” noted the quasi-public utility company.

PUD notes that it will be returning more than $14,000 from the grant money to customers in a future bill.

“The refund is in recognition of the water lost to the cleaning/lining project from water main flushing and bleeding activities as the work was progressing,” PUD noted.

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