Lions Club to host genealogy speaker


    The Lions Club serving Burrillville and North Smithfield will be hosting an ‘Introduction to Genealogy’ session at its next meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 18, beginning at 7:15 p.m.

    Guest speaker will be Lion Kathan Mospaw-Lambert, local expert on the topic. A well-respected authority and long-time genealogy buff, Mospaw-Lambert is president of the Roger Williams Family Association and a former Burrillville High School teacher, department chairperson, and NEARI Official. A well-versed and experienced genealogist, Mospaw-Lambert will offer interesting insights and findings in addition to basic procedures and resources used in the science. An informative and exciting evening is planned.

    The program is offered free of charge to the general public through ‘Facebook Live’ which may be accessed by following Burrillville Lions on Facebook. All are cordially invited to log in.

    For further information contact Lion Tom at 568-5596 or Lion Sandy at

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