NORTH SMITHFIELD – Green Site Services Group of Bellingham, Mass. will make needed improvements to the Department of Public Works’ Quaker Highway fueling facility at a cost of around $75,000.

According to Town Administrator Gary Ezovski, who brought the recommendation before the Town Council this week, the improvements are needed to bring the facility into compliance with current codes and regulations.

And more work will still be needed to bring the station – used to provide fuel for town vehicles – up to standard, once funding becomes available.

The contract with Green Site Services was unanimously approved by the Town Council at their meeting on Monday, Sept. 21.

According to a bid submitted by Green Vice President Thomas Clark, the company will remove and dispose of the existing pump at the station, and replace it with a Bennett 3000 Series Pump at a cost of $58,200, and furnish and install concrete bollards at a cost of $12,000. Additional work will include installation of pressure release valves, painting and inspection of the system.

In recent years, the same company installed fuel stations for DPW departments in North Kingstown, Johnston and Littleton, Mass.

Ezovski noted that the project, put out to bid in August, is long overdue.

“It started as replacement of the pump dispenser that’s on the island,” said Ezovski. “I recognized that we needed to do much more out there to bring that entire fueling facility into compliance with multiple regulations.”

Nine items in need of improvement were listed on the bid specification, a process Ezovski noted took time.

“It took way too long,” he said

The town received four bids in response, ranging from $139,000 to $225,000.

But funding for completing all the work is not available, so several of the higher-priced tasks will have to wait, including installing a fire suppression system and new fencing.

“We would liked to have done all of the them but we don’t have enough money to do it all,” Ezovski said. “It is probable that I will be coming back to you soon with a recommendation to purchase the fence also but I’m waiting for the opportunity to have funding for that.”

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