BURRILLVILLE – Principal Michael Whaley said it’s the best senior prank he’s seen in 11 years at the East Avenue school.

Members of the Burrillville High School Class of 2020 pulled off their senior prank during the late night hours on Tuesday, May 19, posting a 4 X 15-foot sign on a hill by the front entrance of the school.

“For Sale, Abandoned Building,” the sign reads. “Contact Michael Whaley for more information.”

“It was well thought out, funny and hopefully gives the class a good laugh at a time when they deserve one,” Whaley said in reaction to the prank.

Senior Class President Makayla Mauricio said she and her fellow class officers spent two weeks executing the surprise. The students worked with Burrillville-based business East Coast Artisans to design the banner.

“We contacted them expressing what the goal was, and they worked with us to get a fantastic result,” Mauricio said. “I hope not only the senior class, but the community get a good laugh out of it. “Everyone can use a reason to smile these days.”

The sign did, indeed, get a laugh.

“I was completely surprised by the sign, but find it very funny and one of the best senior pranks in my 11 years at the high school,” Whaley said.

Supt. Michael Sollitto agreed, saying he will leave the banner in place for the next few days to allow the community to see it before it is taken down.

“It is good, clean fun and shows the resilient spirit of the BHS Class of 2020,” Sollitto said.

Mauricio’s father built the frame for the display, which she said plays well for the times, since the school has been vacant since closure was ordered by Gov. Gina Raimondo on Monday, March 13. She said she’s hopeful it will help her fellow classmates to feel heard and get a sense of normalcy, as so many of their rights of passage have been changed in hopes to curb the spread of Covid-19.

The class president added that she hopes the sign will, “bring some joy to the seniors and help them feel like their senior year wasn’t completely non-traditional.”

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