BURRILLVILLE – Three Burrillville police officers were injured, with two reporting to Landmark Medical Center, following the arrest of a 35-year-old man accused of violating a no contact order last week.

Joseph Vincent of Burrillville is facing two felony and five misdemeanor charges following the incident, in which pepper spray and a taser were reported to have no affect as police tried to detain him.

According to arrest records, police responded to Vincent’s home on Harrisville Main Street on Thursday, Oct. 17 to execute a warrant for violation of a no contact order.

Officers reportedly saw Vincent inside the apartment, and watched as he gathered his things and ran toward the basement. Police forced entry to the building and gained access to a shared basement through a neighbor’s apartment.

The report states that Vincent “appeared to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol,” and assumed a fighting stance once cornered by police. He then reportedly reached into his pockets, and officers deployed pepper spray, “which did not achieve any effect,” followed by the taser, “which also had little effect.”

Four officers reportedly wrestled Vincent to the ground to detain him. Three were injured, with two later visiting the hospital.

Vincent was charged with violation of a no contact order, two counts of felony assault, resisting arrest, obstruction and disorderly conduct.

He was held overnight and was transported to 6th District Court the following morning for arraignment.

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