Letter: Spring Lake deserves high praise

Guests to Spring Lake can sign out equipment, including balls and paddles for the beach's ping pong tables.

The following letter about Burrillville’s Spring Lake Beach was sent to Town Manager Michael Wood on July 11, and shared with NRI NOW.

I’m writing to offer my highest praise for Spring Lake Beach, a recreation area I’ve never visited until yesterday. I hope that my letter will help ensure continued funding for this wonderful site.

Although I have been a resident of Rhode Island for quite some time, I had never heard of Spring Lake until I read about it in Rhode Island Monthly magazine. Based on the article that I read, I was impressed. But when I actually visited yesterday with my young children and their friends, I was even more impressed.

First, the place itself is clean and well-maintained. The grounds were tidy, the restrooms were spotless and the lake itself was crystal-clear. Honestly, I’ve never before swam in a lake – I’m more of an ocean/pool person, but I was immediately pleased by how beautiful the water and the shoreline were.

Secondly, there was an abundance of kid-friendly entertainment. And, more importantly, that fun didn’t break the bank. As a single parent, I’m always struggling to fund our family outings. Little did I know that paying the meager $6 entrance fee (and free parking!) was my ticket to a stress-free and relaxing day. Unlike the beach, I was not anxiously monitoring my kids at all times. Instead, I was able to loosen the reigns a bit as they ran from the historical arcade to the ping pong table to the kayaking to the food stand. You get the picture. We spent an entire day there without a single lull in the laughs and good times. I even mustered the courage to try paddle-boarding for the first time! And I loved it.

Thirdly, the entire staff was incredible. The kids lost my cell phone. A worker turned it in and I recovered it. My kids pestered the food associate for ice cream and a host of junk food and they always delivered with friendly smiles and a warm enthusiasm. I asked the worker at the arcade to make change for a $20 and rather than exhibit a visible annoyance with me (as is the case most everywhere else,) he pleasantly granted my request with jokes and a bright smile. We even befriended the kayak rental lifeguard, the associate who helped us with lifejackets, and Judy, the general manager. Simply put, the staff was so incredibly friendly that even my KIDS remarked about it and told me they felt very welcomed and at home here.

Lastly, the prices were more than reasonable. $6 to get in and free parking. Awesome! Compare that to $25 to park at a RI beach. $2 to rent a kayak for 15 minutes. Amazing! Fries and drinks for a few dollars. Yes! And the kicker: FREE equipment rentals! We played ping-pong, frisbee, etc. All at no cost. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that this is one fabulous deal.

I will no longer make a 4 hour drive to New Hampshire to spend a day at a lake. And I will now limit my expensive days at the beach. Instead, I will return to Spring Lake, time and time again. I politely implore you to do all that’s within your power to ensure that this hidden gem stays the same and that it affords future families as much fun as we enjoyed yesterday.

Thank you for your time.

Warm regards,

Dr. Renee Somers
Riverside, RI

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