The following is a list of home sales recorded in the Burrillville Town Clerk’s office between Thursday, May 2 and Thursday, May 9.

126 Victory Highway
Seller: Raymond & Eleanor Trinque
Buyer: Kenneth Poirier
Price: $130,000

630 Cooper Hill Road
Seller: Robert Paquin
Buyer: Timberline Property Group, Inc.
Price: $105,000

2850 Wallum Lake Road
Seller: Benoit Dube
Buyer: Paul & Sara Graziano
Price: $374,000

96 Hemlock Farm Trail
Seller: Michael Bolduc & Laurie Rosa
Buyer: Rhode Island Housing & Finance Corporation
Price:  $309,115

42-44 Park Place
Seller: Linda & Thomas Hunt 
Buyer:  Selene Finance, LP
Price:  $156,950
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