Property sales in Burrillville between April 23 & May 2


The following is a list of home sales recorded in the Burrillville Town Clerk’s office between Tuesday, April 23 and Thursday, May 2.

50 Beach Road
Seller: Rachel Miller-Duprey & Wendy Miller-Duprey
Buyer: Allan Tremblay
Price: $495,000

170 Nichols Road
Seller: Nicholas & Amanda Greene
Buyer: Joyce Maraglia, Krystal Maraglia & Linda Thomas
Price: $230,000

612 South Main St.
Seller: Henry Gariepy/Wells Fargo Bank
Buyer: RI Property Wire, LLC
Price: $96,600

40-44 Mapleville Main St.
Seller: GEM Properties, Inc.
Buyer: April Cormier & Anthony Lanni
Price: $292,500

504 Douglas Pike
Seller: Pamela Lusiak
Buyer: Marissa Fernandez & Eric Poirier
Price: $230,000

58 Grove St.
Seller: Jason & Katherine Gregg
Buyer: Corey Howe &
Price: $203,000

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