Police get consent to search home, charge Burrillville man with felony


BURRILLVILLE – A 24-year-old Burrillville man in possession of less than an ounce of marijuana was arrested last week and charged with a felony after telling police he occasionally accepts money for sharing his personal supply of the drug with a friend.

Roberto Villatoro of Sayles Avenue was charged with possession and delivery of narcotics after officers searched his home and seized 11.1 grams of marijuana, scales, THC “gummies,” and seven cannabis oil vape cartridges.

The incident began around 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 24 when police spotted a grey Volvo parked with its driver side tires on the sidewalk on Sayles Avenue.

As they were issuing a parking citation, a 21-year-old female and a 20-year-old male exited a nearby apartment looking glassy eyed and smelling of “fresh marijuana,” according to police reports.

Officers found around 16 grams of marijuana on the female, and she stated that she had just purchased it from Villatoro. As officers were speaking with the pair, they reportedly noticed that subjects inside the nearby apartment were turning off lights and closing windows.

After knocking on the apartment door several times, police were greeted by residents including Villatoro, and invited in. Inside, they spotted scales, marijuana, ziplock bags, grinders, edible “gummies,” and a cannibis vape cartridge. Villatoro told officers that the female outside was a close friend, and that she had given him $20 for the marijuana.

The officers asked for and received written consent to search the entire apartment and ultimately seized all of the cannabis-related paraphernalia and narcotics.

Villatoro later told police he had purchased 22 grams of marijuana from a friend in Worcester, Mass. and that he often shares the drug with his female friend, or gives it to her for free if she does not have money.

He was charged with possession/manufacture/delivery of a Schedule I-V drug, a felony.

Possession of less than an ounce of marijuana has been decriminalized in Rhode Island since 2013, but the law still prohibits sales of the drug.

Villatoro was held overnight and transported to 6th District Court the following morning for his arraignment.

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