Burrillville police pursue and charge 13-year-old thief


BURRILLVILLE – A 13-year-old boy accused of stealing a cell phone and credit card out of another boy’s backpack at Levy Ice Rink was charged for the crime this week after police pursued leads to recover the property, contacting his parents repeatedly until he broke down and admitted to taking the items.

The victim’s mother reported the missing property to police on Saturday, Nov. 17, saying she had allowed her son to bring the phone – an iPhone 5SE valued at $279 – and her card to the rink at Burrillville High School for Skate Night on Friday.

She told officers that someone had since attempted to use her card multiple times on Xbox items, and that she had pinged the cell phone, and it was located near an address on New Road. Police visited the address, but residents there said they did not go to skate night, and one pointed police in the direction of a neighbor who did.

Police contacted that boy’s mother, but he denied having the items, and mentioned another boy who he said might have it.

Police followed up on that lead, and others, and the report on the crime details eight different attempts by police to identify suspects through visits and phone calls, including three contacts with the parents of the boy who was eventually charged.

During the final visit, Officer Ryan Turner reported that he spoke to the parents and left the residence, but then heard screaming at the child’s house while he was speaking with a neighbor. The boy broke down and admitted he had smashed the phone attempting to get rid of it, and that he had attempted to purchase items on his Xbox with the card.

The 13-year-old boy faces charges in family court with two counts of larceny under $1,500, one count of malicious damage to property and one count of obstructing an officer.

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