Woonsocket man arrested after calling ex at Uncle Ronnie’s 50 times


BURRILLVILLE – A 35-year-old Woonsocket man was arrested last week after reports that he called Uncle Ronnie’s Red Tavern between 40 and 50 times trying to reach his ex girlfriend.

The former girlfriend, a 35-year-old Manville woman who works at the restaurant, has a no contact order with the suspect.

Theron Stlaurent, with a last known address of Campeau Street, Woonsocket, was charged with violation of that no contact order, and making crank or obscene phone calls following the incident.

The victim told police that Stlaurent had been calling her cell phone, and that on Sunday, Nov. 11, he started calling her job, doing it between 40 and 50 times. The restaurant manager said the phone calls started around noon, and continued throughout the day. When he refused to let Stlaurent speak to the victim, the manager said he threatened to go to the restaurant.

Woonsocket police picked up Stlaurent a few days later, and transported him to Burrillville on a warrant. City police noted that during transport, he said he was going to “kill her,” twice.

According to the Burrillville arrest report, Stlaurent was verbally abusive to officers, and began punching the walls of his cell and throwing his mattress. He hurt his hand and had to be evaluated by medical personnel, and eventually was shackled to a bunk.

Police noted that the restraints were later removed after Stlaurent calmed down.

Officers also noted that Stlaurent was held overnight “due to his extensive criminal history.”

Stlaurent’s criminal record dates back to 2001, and includes charges of domestic assault, possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct, obstructing an officer, threatening a public official, refusal to relinquish a phone and entering a building with felony intent.

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