Suspect from violent strangling Sunday night held without bail


BURRILLVILLE – A Burrillville woman is reportedly still recovering after being assaulted and strangled by her ex-boyfriend Sunday night, according to police.

The incident led police to surround the suspect’s residence for an hour before eventually arresting him at a nearby restaurant.

Stephen Morin, 35, of Pascoag, was held without bail Monday in 6th District Court. He faces charges of domestic strangulation, felony assault, domestic disorderly conduct and violation of a no contact order.

Police involvement in the violent incident began with a call from an unnamed party on Sunday, Sept. 16. According to testimony later given before Judge Christine Jabour, they found the victim in the parking lot of IGA grocery store.

Col. Stephen Lynch said that the victim was badly strangled and beaten, and police were told that Morin was armed and inside the first-floor apartment of the dwelling.

“We had information relative to folks that were intimately close to that scene,” said Lynch.

Police surrounded the house at 138 Sayles Ave., and were joined by officers from the Rhode Island State Police, and the group spent about an hour outside the building trying to get Morin to come out. Eventually, they forced entry into the building, but Morin was not inside. Lynch said that a firearm was also not found, but noted that an extensive search of the premises was not conducted at the time.

Minutes later, Morin was apprehended around 1/2 mile from the home at a local restaurant, and taken into custody without incident.

“We received a call from a party that wishes to remain anonymous that he was at the establishment,” Lynch said.

As of Monday afternoon, Burrillville police were still investigating the violent crime.

“It was a pretty intense assault on the victim,” said Lynch. “She’s still recovering from her injuries.”

Morin’s previous criminal record dates back to 2002 and includes several previous domestic assault charges.

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