Motorcyclist leads Burrillville police on pursuit into Connecticut


BURRILLVILLE – A man seen speeding along Broncos Highway on a motorcycle on Thursday, June 7 led Burrillville Police on a chase through town before escaping into nearby Connecticut.

The roughly ten-mile pursuit ended when the motorcycle crossed state lines in Thompson, Conn.

Residents in the area noticed the pursuit around 10:30 p.m. Thursday night as four cruisers  sped along East Avenue and Wallum Lake Road before the chase ended on Buck Hill Road.

Police spokesman Major Dennis Leahey noted that the department does not take part in high speed chases – a policy made to protect public safety in such instances.

“We try to keep the vehicle in sight while we’re driving at a safe speed,” Leahey said. “We have a very strict pursuit policy.”

Leahey said Burrillville officers contacted Connecticut State Police but that he did not know if the speeder was eventually apprehended.

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