NORTH SMITHFIELD — A councilor with decades of experience in town government says he’s ready to take on his next challenge, announcing his campaign this week for North Smithfield’s executive office.

Councilor Paul Zwolenski has announced his campaign for the role of town administrator, noting that his goal is to bring “integrity, service and commitment,” to the town.

Zwolenski has served on various town boards, committees and leagues over the past 26 years, beginning with a stint on the Planning Board  in 1994. Currently, he is vice president of the Town Council, a board he has served on since (2004)

“During this time, my goal has always been to serve as your voice in town matters and to keep North Smithfield moving forward,” Zwolenski said, addressing voters this week. “I have supported the funding of bonds to improve our school systems, approved budgets for roadway improvement, acquired open space properties, reviewed and re-wrote town ordinances to protect our residential neighborhoods and promote businesses, and have consistently voted in favor to control taxes.”

“Throughout my time serving our community I have gained invaluable experience that has well positioned me to be your town administrator,” he said.

Zwolenski said that to enhance the future of the town, he will focus on five “pillars of the community,” starting with education.

“As the future of our town, our children must be equipped with the proper tools and resources they need to thrive in today’s world and I will support efforts to do so,” he said.

Secondly, the councilor said, he will focus on senior services.

“I will ensure that our seniors not only feel supported and represented, but have a tangible resource that offers a variety of social programs and an established sense of community,” he said.

Zwolenski’s third “pillar” in a plan laid out this week is the town’s infrastructure.

“This is an essential component of our everyday lives, and helps to fulfill the needs of our citizens,” he said. “Both hard structures, such as town roads and town buildings, as well as soft infrastructure, IT services, will be a continued focus of mine.”

Economic development is the candidate’s fourth pillar, which, by his assessment, “pivots on two angles: providing support and expanding opportunities for existing town businesses that employee our citizens, as well as encouraging start up businesses through an incubator mentality.”

The final pillar, he said, is to “maintain and protect our rural community, a characteristic that truly sets North Smithfield apart.”

“I will continue to stand for and seek open space opportunities as this is something we must cherish,” Zwolenski said.

“The five pillars will not only improve efficiencies but will enhance the living, educating and retiring lifestyles here in North Smithfield,” Zwolenski said. “As your town administrator, I will draw from my experiences and will continue to listen to your thoughts, ideas and concerns.”

One of four candidates to submit papers declaring his candidacy this week, Zwolenski asked voters to consider his concrete plans and experience in casting their ballots.

“North Smithfield has a strong sense of place – a place I have been welcomed into and am honored to share with you,” he said. “Together we can continue to move forward. We will continue to proudly call North Smithfield our home; a place that welcomes all.”

NRI NOW is offering all local candidates the opportunity to discuss their background and platform. Those interest should send biographic information to To see information on those who have already announced their platforms, visit the “politics” tab above.

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