It has been an amazing first month at Cow’s Tail Deli, and I want to thank all of our customers for the warm welcome to the community.

Since my wife and I opened the business in August, thousands of people stopped in to try our fresh made foods, and the reception has been outstanding.

I also want to thank our customers for their patience over the past month as we iron out the kinks in the new business, and set up the proper system and staffing to bring you the best possible product.

We take pride in the quality of our food, and make nearly everything from scratch. So to those who have waited in line, we want you to know that we appreciate your business and your time.

For those curious how we operate in such a small building, I’d like you to know we have a full kitchen with three ovens, a six burner stove, three fryerlators and a full dishwasher system. We were able to save space by placing our 10 X 16 walk in refrigerator and 6 X 6 freezer outside behind the building.

Cow’s Tail is now serving all of our pre-made menu, sandwich and full dinner options, and we’ve begun moving into seafood, including fish & chips, and clam cakes and chowder. We offer 10 different kinds of desserts, and ice cream will be served year-round. Fries are all hand cut, and fresh baked bread is brought in daily. We have two staff members trained in food safety working every shift.

So far, all of our menu items have been well received, and soon, the full menu will be offered six days a week. In the future, we still plan to launch a local delivery service, and offer catering-type items for game night. A website is also in the works.

Most importantly, we want to make sure we do it right, and that we always serve our customers the best quality product.

Currently, our hours are Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. We may adjust this in the future as we learn how to best serve the public.

I am still hiring cooks, deli slicers and counter help. Those interested should stop in to apply.

Again, to all of our customers, I want to say thank you for making our business a success. We’ve been busy every day since we opened, well beyond our expectations, and the future looks bright for Cow’s Tail.

We look forward to serving guests from the Burrillville community and beyond for decades to come.


Mike Karmozyn Sr.

Mike and Christy Karmozyn are the owners of Cow’s Tail Deli



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