Talk about finances leads to child abuse charges for Burrillville man


BURRILLVILLE – A father was arrested from his Burrillville home this week after a discussion about money reportedly got out of control, leading him to punch his son in the nose with a closed fist.

James Gardiner, 71, of Reservoir Road was charged with felony second degree child abuse following the incident.

According to reports, police went to the home for a call of a fight in progress to find a 17-year-old with a bloody nose. Both the victim and his mother said that they were discussing finances when the teenager stood up to get a tissue.

Gardiner reportedly pushed the teen to the floor, and then punched him in the nose. He told police that his son was waving a glass bottle in a threatening manner and he was concerned that he was going to hit his mother in the head with it.

Gardiner was arraigned and released on Friday, Aug. 31.