Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Letter: Burrillville council should rescind resolutions on Second Amendment Sanctuary

The below is an open letter to the Burrillville Town Council. I am writing in opposition to item 23-099 from the Town Council meeting on March 22, 2023, which reaffirmed the resolution declaring the town...

Letter: We must come together for future generations

This is what the two parties, Republicans and the Democrats, remind me of: the North and the South here in the United States.  It is like the Civil War... who will gain power? It's sad that history has...

Letter: Going backwards on North Smithfield police station project does not benefit taxpayers

Editor's note: The below open letter to the North Smithfield Town Council addresses the initiative to have a previous architect for the project weigh in on plans for police station construction or renovation. In...

Announcing: NRI NOW’s new commenting & letters policy

NRI NOW would like to announce a new policy regarding all reader submissions on the website, including both comments and letters to the editor. To date, we have only removed comments that contain obscenities...

Advice from the Trenches: Do I stay or do I go?

Welcome to Advice From the Trenches, a monthly feature on NRI NOW. In this month’s advice column, writer Cathren Housley counters her own take on your questions with that of a confirmed bachelor. Do you have a question...

Advice from the Trenches: Water in the trenches

Welcome to Advice From the Trenches, a monthly feature on NRI NOW. In this month's column, writer Cathren Housley addresses the latest supply shortage: distilled water. Housley uses practical knowledge and wisdom from the school of hard-knocks,...

Letter: Bullying does not serve in the best interest of North Smithfield’s residents

Editor's note: The below was not submitted as a letter, but rather read as a statement at a meeting of the North Smithfield Town Council on Monday, March 20. The other party in this...