Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Letter: N.S. Fire & Rescue thanks residents, businesses for support

On behalf of all the members and staff of the North Smithfield Fire & Rescue Service, I would like to thank the residents of North Smithfield for the outpouring of support during these difficult...

Letter: Photographer thanks participants in Front Steps Project, $1,400 donated

One thing we can all agree on is Covid has definitely changed all of our lives in some way; some more than others. As wedding and event photographers, we were just starting to crawl out...

Letter to the Editor: Town officials should walk Gold Forest

Having read the article written by NRI NOW editor Sandy Seoane on April 13 on the Gold Forest and the solar proposal to gift some +/- 70 acres to the town of North Smithfield...

Letter: No. Smithfield solar project will disrupt rare species, wildlife corridors

Too bad that North Smithfield people appear not to know that the state's current Wildlife Action Plan has mapped the site of Green Energy Development's Whortleberry Hill solar project with a pair of high...

Letter: Open spaces and core forests are under threat

The core forests in Northern Rhode Island are under threat and it is time to do something about it. It started with the potential for clearcutting 200 acres for a power plant in Burrillville. Now...

From the editor’s desk: My favorite Burrillville place

It wasn't easy selecting my exact picture for the Burrillville Earth Day time capsule competition, but from the moment the committee designed the photo contest, I had a favorite place in Burrillville in mind:...

National sports spotlight NOW with Joe Gallant: Betts, Price trade on hold

Welcome to National sports spotlight NOW with Joe Gallant, another new feature on NRI NOW with our local sports guru. Every week, Gallant will highlight a topic in national sports here on the website. As of...