Announcing: NRI NOW’s new commenting & letters policy


NRI NOW would like to announce a new policy regarding all reader submissions on the website, including both comments and letters to the editor.

To date, we have only removed comments that contain obscenities or extreme language, and have allowed all letters to be published, regardless of subject matter. That changes today, and going forward, we intend to discourage commentary that is personal in nature and unrelated to the issues covered in our articles.

We will no longer allow personal attacks or insults of any kind to be published against individuals. Comments should be limited to policy discussions and kept civil at all times. Letters and comments that violate that policy will not be published, or will be removed solely at our discretion.

While we prefer free speech and our objective is not to censor anyone, NRI NOW strives to be a valued source of news and information in our communities, and ongoing personal feuds and vitriolic debate add nothing to that mission, and do not have a place here.

This means some past content and commentary may also disappear, and you may occasionally come across a, “404,” error.

If you feel you’ve been unfairly impugned by a letter or comment in the past, notify us via email to, with a link to the offensive content and we will place it under review for possible removal.

It is part of our effort to improve quality and better serve our communities, and we’re hopeful it will foster more thoughtful conversations.

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  1. Free speech doesn’t apply to private platforms such as a website, Greg. I don’t understand why people think “free speech” is a get-out-of-jail-free card for the right to say anything, anywhere, without consequences or repercussions.

  2. Thank you Sandy. You can start to look at the assaulting coach page. Whew….that was a doozy of profanity there!

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