Vinnie the birthday surprise Corgi


    This week’s Newshound, Vinnie, is reader Ann Lilley’s Welsh Pembroke Corgi.

    Vinnie, who will turn seven this spring, was given to Lilley as a puppy by her daughter Jessie for her 60th birthday.

    “Huge surprise and I cried,” Lilley said.

    “As we found out, corgis are very protective and extremely vigilant, noticing the slightest novelty,” Lilley said. “Vinnie alerts me to danger by barking loudly.”

    The pup has notified his owner of birds, airplanes, pedestrians, other dogs, cats, new lawn decorations, out of the ordinary bins of trash, Christmas trees in windows, bicycles, motorcycles, Jeeps, loud trucks and blowing trash.

    “He does not bark for my husband,” Lilley said.

    His owner notes that like all Corgis, Vinnie is, “a professional level shedder,” and is well known in Forestdale.

    “Vinnie loves people and attention,” said Lilley. “Vinnie loves snow and hates rain. He is not particularly good at stairs.”

    Lilley notes that fortunately, because of Vinnie’s short stature, he can’t see out the window, so he doesn’t bark in the house.

    “He has been a great companion and has kept me active on our 3 times a day walks in Forestdale,” she said.

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