Letter: Record is what makes Beauregard proud


I apologize to the residents of North Smithfield and the readers of NRI NOW for having to endure this ridiculous one man circus that you have been put through this election season.  Through it all I have taken the high road and not once dignified Mike Clifford’s attacks with a response on Facebook. In a
letter to the editor Mike Clifford says my “abysmal record speaks for itself.”  However, he never actually talks about my record, and just makes more allegations. And I imagine this will continue until election day. But it is exactly my record I am most proud of and will gladly run on.

In just the last two years I have overseen the construction of the bathrooms and concession stand at the school, which I managed to get built with no out of pocket expense to the town. I helped negotiate a
deal with the fire department to get another rescue on the road. I proudly supported the veterans tax credit. With the help of Linda Thibault, I worked with seniors to help them get more funding for activities.

I created the first ever art committee in town.  This council managed to keep taxes down after the pandemic. I worked to get the city of Woonsocket to agree to sell us water for Route 146. This will encourage more business investment in the area once the new construction is compete. And as always I supported our students and worked closely with the School Committee.

During the last budget hearing, after several hours of discussion, members of the council were ready to approve it. A motion for approval was even made. I stopped them and insisted we c(ould) do better. So we went back to the beginning and managed to shave over $100,000 from the budget that (had been) seconds away from approval.

There are seven other candidates running for Town Council this year, and any one of them can make budget cuts, promise transparency, promise to keep taxes down, and be fiscally responsible. These are all important things, which I have always done. But what I promise is something no other candidate is
talking about – and what Mike Clifford mocks me for – and that is trying to create a better sense of community.  He says I am acting like a, “director at a summer camp,” because I want to bring the town together.  I think that comment says a lot more about him than it does about me.

I am the originator and still organize the annual fireworks. I was one of the people who came up with the idea of having North Smithfield Days, kids day in the park and dinner under the stars. We are in the process of organizing a massive barn fire this winter with hopes of making it an annual event. I gave out more citations over the past two years recognizing residents for their hard work and achievements than any council president ever has. This is good stuff. When members of the Special Olympics basketball team did the countdown to the fireworks this year, that was a special moment I will never forget. Mr. Clifford ridicules me because I support these community events, but I see the importance of bringing people together. I encourage him to attend one of these events and see the joy it brings to people. Events like these instill a sense of community among our residents. Maybe if he attended just one event, he would not look at everything through such a negative lens and begin to see the good in people and not spend so much time looking for the bad.

I will always fight to keep your taxes low, I have always been fiscally responsible and support the proper maintenance of the town’s infrastructure. I support our seniors and our students. But if you want someone that believes there is more to the job and values the little things in life as well, then I am your guy. 

John A. Beauregard

President North Smithfield Town Council

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  1. To quote John Beauregard on 10/26/16: “People get too comfortable in their positions and in many cases become too powerful or worse, they get sloppy. New blood means new energy and new ideas. It offers a fresh perspective on issues. So it seems that it is time to get some new people on the Council and let them give it a try. And if they fail, then in two years throw them out too. When you walk into that booth look for a name that you have never seen on a ballot before and give them a chance, even if it is not me. Remember things cannot change unless we change things.”

  2. David Nault I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you don’t seem to understand that on a deed, the consideration paid is supposed to match the amount paid for the property as indicated by the tax stamps. In this case the consideration stated on the deed is $1 dollar but the tax stamps reflect a $120,000 purchase price. They don’t match. That’s exactly what I pointed out in my post but you choose never to read them, just to jump on an offer irrelevant comments. You’re not lying about being blocked from my page. You might want to explain to people that you were blocked because you were literally harassing everyone who commented on it and you also crossed the line by using profanity in your baseless rants. The language you used was as bad as it gets. I can understand why you support Mr. Beauregard.

  3. Cliff notes by Michael Clifford has blocked me and deleted my comments. BUT I still have a question for him? Is Mr. Clifford going to admit he was incorrect on this alleged infraction? I have acquired the deed in question and upon review….. The tax stamp in the lower right hand corner shows the amount of taxes paid. Then I went and found the tax rate for the year of the transaction. I did a little math and BOOM I know exactly how much the lot was purchased for. Anyone with a real estate license could have easily pointed this out. Don’t you have a real estate license Mikey???? Michael Clifford is nothing but fraud and an internet bully.

      • In researching this, not all states require the exact consideration on certain documents in a property transfer. Nominal consideration can be put there as in $1, or $10 in order to maintain privacy as to what exactly was paid between seller and buyer. And very common, quit claims are a quick means of transfer, by grantor, but has no guarantees; transfers title interest but no warranty. The deed is the full title.
        RI Gen Laws 34-11-1.4 REQUIRES the FULL purchase amount on the deed. A town clerk may decline to record if that is not met….but if they do record it, it does not affect the deed. But they SHOULD comply with the law. Nuf said.
        Mike Clifford is indeed correct….

    • Mr Nault….
      You would not have had to figure out the consideration paid, by looking at the tax stamps …HAD THE FULL CONSIDERATION PAID FOR THE PROPERTY BEEN WRITTEN ON the DEED…..as REQUIRED BY LAW. Nuf said.
      Mike Clifford is correct….you might wish to apologize to him ….see… RI GEN LAW …34-11-1.4

  4. A thought came to mind today, on a past issue presented in Aug 2022 on the VB. Curious….
    Mr Beauregard was to look into the backyard wiffle ball business/paying ..but non profit enterprise, taking place in a residential backyard not zoned for business. Zoning was residential only….and neighbors cited numerous cars, noise, light, and night play time issues…..did that ever get resolved? Rep. Brian C.Newberry was a sponsor of this RI Wiffle Ball founder and N Smithfield resident who was holding the games in his backyard. Never saw a follow up.

  5. Sorry he is a “NO” for me along with many fiscally responsible voters. He never paid any attention to the town’s infrastructure, overseen a bogus reevaluation, made several questionable backroom deals, and is in bed with Green Development. Beauregard is your typical politician with an open check book. Residents need to hold the purse strings tight with this man or he will bully his way to overspend and continue to raise our taxes. He also has not put his good buddy Zwolenski out on leave even after a second woman has come forward with harassment allegations. It’s time for a change before it cost all of us taxpayers even more.

    Valley Breeze today, “NORTH SMITHFIELD – The attorney for Donna Rovedo, the woman suing Town Administrator Paul Zwolenski for harassment, said he knows of at least one other person who had complaints about the top town executive’s behavior.”

  6. I find this very disturbing, anyone who does not agree with mike Clifford or his few followers that complain about everything going on in town are considered John’s pit bulls or followers. I have my own mind and my own opinions, many people that know me also know I am not a follower. So back to the why’s. Why is it free speech only works if you agree with Mike Clifford but if you agree with John B you can’t have your own thoughts or opinions. People what is his reasons for doing what he does.

  7. I stand by everything I wrote in my letter to the editor and find John Beauregard’s new letter published on NRI NOW to be laughable. He claims to have taken the “high road” by not answering questions on this page but sent his pit bulls instead. That’s the high road? I guess this is a good time to ask these questions. Since there are still doubting Thomases out there, here are my questions:
    Would a Quit-Claim deed that indicates the consideration paid was just $1 dollar be acceptable to you if you were purchasing a lot of land for $120,000 dollars from a developer?

    Would a Quit-Claim deed be acceptable to you if you were purchasing a lot of land for $120,000 dollars from a developer and no title search had been done?

    Would you even accept a Quit Claim deed for the property or would you insist on a warranty deed if you paid $120,000 for the land?

    Would any other Town Clerk in Rhode Island affix tax transfer stamps to a deed reflecting a purchase price of $120,000 when the consideration paid as stated on the deed was just $1 dollar? (Deed conveyance from a developer to a buyer, not a “Gift” to a family member)

    Find a Town Clerk in another RI town who can show you a deed where the tax transfer stamps don’t match the consideration paid on the deed; I couldn’t find one.

    If someone has a check for $120,000 it proves nothing. I can give my brother a check for that amount and he can give me the same amount right back on the very next day. He could even give me a check for that amount the day before. I could have a side agreement with him working out the details of a future sale and transfer. A check proves nothing.

    John’s deed is a matter of public record and can be obtained by requesting a copy from the Town Clerk.

    • Or you can view property recordings….. from the comfort of your home computer…via:
      i2b.uslandrecords.com….choose North Smithfield RI=
      i2l.uslandrecords.com ….for north Smithfield RI
      20/20 Perfect Vision Land Records

  8. Let’s talk about the political speak in the letter. First “I will always fight to keep your taxes low, I have always been fiscally responsible and support the proper maintenance of the town’s infrastructure.” The first part of your letter contradicts the statement, in the first part of the letter you state “I have overseen the construction of the bathrooms and concession stand at the school, which I managed to get built with no out of pocket expense to the town”. The town did spend to outfit the concession stand and the bathrooms which are never open. Second statement “I helped negotiate a deal with the fire department to get another rescue on the road. I proudly supported the veterans tax credit”. All the items above add to the tax base and are in direct conflict with keeping taxes low. You also reduced the budget for road repairs so you do not support maintenance of the towns infrastructure. Your actions do not support your statements and the taxpayers.

  9. I have never seen so much “mudslinging” from someone who isn’t even running for office. Is this the ’80’s again? When I first read Mr. Clifford’s notes, I figured it was election year. Now when I read his “Cliff Notes” is just plain hatred. It just splits the town up not bring everyone together. It’s just plain negative reading and I’m done with that. Good luck John, I hope you blow them out of the water with votes.

    • It is about truth and transparency. Nothing less. Lots of folks have a problem with that which boggles my mind.
      Rather than go along with some, who put Mike C down, I looked into what he was printing, and I found he was correct….on the land records, and on the issues he brought up. He is not obsessed with John B per se, but about pointing out that truth and transparency, and integrity is sorely lacking in town. Mike Clifford should not be demeaned when he is trying to educate the nay sayers who refuse to educate themselves! It is that simple.

  10. Well written Mr. Beauregard. Concise, and to the point. Your record cannot be fudged, so these people will try anything else that they can to disrupt you. I thank you for all that you have done for our town so far, and sincerely hope that you will be given the opportunity to continue to do the same. This town really does need a person like you, despite the raving lunatics attempts to smear you. Thank you for your outstanding service to the Town of North Smithfield.

  11. Great job John,we should be bringing the community together.They can stay on the island of misfits.Keep plugging you have our votes.

  12. Brian Murrey or BM if your going for town lunatic congrats you win. That rambling manifesto you just posted is not winning you favor. I’m honestly worried about you. You seem disgruntled. Reach out to the VA they can help. Do they offer services to weekend warrior’s? Can you post your email please. I guarantee I can get a bunch of men to email you. That way you will finally be satisfied.

    • Brian, congratulations you have received a high complement from Greg Galano, one of John’s boys. I thought he only picked on women he disagreed with. Just days ago he started having seizures based on my comments and I cemented my lunatic status with him. Must still be seizing.
      Poor Greg, just throws insults. And how dare this guy insult men that serve in any capacity. As I say, when they show their true colors believe them.

      • Every time you speak the entire town has a collective seizure. You did get that bit correct thankfully. Also, no insults just honest concern. I won’t take my lectures on veterans affairs from lunatic progressives such as yourself. We all know the vision and version of this country you would like to see happen. So yes, I will continue to comment on everything you spew on any platform. Have a wonderful day Mary

        • You are such a child Greg. You never provide a real comment and just continue to insult individuals that you do not even know. I will match my record of service in the non-profit sector and that of my husbands in Vietnam to any alleged “service” of yours. You are lucky Greg. Because of service like my husbands, you can continue in your insulting ways. People who actually have fought so that people like you can enjoy “freedom of speech.” Oh and yes it is a wonderful day to enjoy the beauty of the East Bay, followed by a Veteran’s Service dinner this evening.

    • What makes you think I’m a weekend warrior? It’s rambling because there are a lot of issues that haven’t been answered by anyone from the council. They have my email, unless they lost it, no need to supply it again. Don’t need a bunch of people to email me, just a select few.

  13. Why were the repairs not done to police station one example….or regular care to avert heavy expenditures down the road, nah, just build a whopping new big station….but…but….who is to say that THAT ONE will be taken care of once built?
    Answer why the TA is still walking about the building and parking lot with his alleged victim, all the while a lawsuit pending against the town. Is that wise? Is that considerate of both? Will it possibly cause an increase in any damage awards since the alleged victim, a town employee, has to be vigilant and acutely aware of her surroundings in order to avoid the TA in the building or parking lot?? It just might! She is not protected nor are any other female employees….but that is good business….?

    Nice to have all these events but…but…how do seniors or disabled get to enjoy them? Is there transportation?
    These are all big ticket items I have listed, which are of major concern much more so than little parties here and there or a bathroom.
    It is important to bring people together, yes, but respect and consideration is of paramount importance, even if it is of just one single employee. Truly disappointing. Hopefully voters look at the big picture, because if one single female working for your town is continually made to feel second-rate like she is right now, and had been for that lawsuit to finds its way on October 11, that means that ALL females are second-rate in your life and the TA. You cannot have it both ways. You cannot say your constituents matter when one single female employee, does not. Some men just don’t get it….and refuse to….and that is what we’re seeing here. Representing the town, is representing what is always in the best interests of the town. Personal feelings take a back seat to professionalism.

  14. Still waiting for an email from either you or Corriveau (Greg said you’d listen, sorry you’re being dragged in on thisif he didn’t tell you) that you promised a week ago or did you lose my email address again.
    Bathrooms can’t be used during games due to them being locked, who are you going to pass the blame to on that now? Why were people parking in no parking spots, but the middle school lot was essentially empty this evening? Why not just add some stairs with better lighting, or was this an oversight in planning of the field and bathrooms? Just add it to the list of questions that you or Corriveau won’t respond to.
    So you wanted to take our conversation offline, yet no email from you, the town has my email, maybe do your due diligence and look. I’ve seen now three different email accounts for you, yet none have been in my inbox.
    So I’ll ask questions and even more than what the original ones were. Why have you said waiting on the ruling on multiple items, why was my tax credit denied back in 2018, why did a non sitting member of town council reach out to me about the issue and able to resolve it, what was the real reason for the Nike ban as it just so happened to coincide with a silent protest that I’ve fought for him to have, why have you decided to not show up to the events I’ve been to, why do you sit around spewing racist comments after campaigning in 2020 that you don’t think there’s a racism issue in town, why send me a sexist mailer with disregard to my wife, why are you and the people you’re campaigning for not condemned the actions of the current town administer, why did Mr Lombardi campaign for people on the council who hasn’t tried to condem the current administrator the same day it was on the news (minus Alves since she’s the only one helping apprently), why have you not protected the person who was harassed, how have you let that continue for approaching 11 months, why did you allow someone who is running for town council to wear a sticker of a certain candidate while people are going in for voting (I would consider this a violation of electoral laws) and just sit around trying to sway voters while inside town hall, why were you within 50 feet handing out items with your name on election day in 2020 (also a violation of electoral laws), why was the street closed two Mondays ago when I wanted to vote but no transparency about it and preventing votes from happening, why do we need a new police station when you’ve cut funding/not spent the funds for fixes for the current “eye-sore” that you let happen, why are the roads still not fixed (feels like I’m driving through a former minefield, I’ve been on better roads during a deployment), why when I go running I have a high risk of ankle rolling on the roads around me due to poor quality roads (not trying to include hurdles in my running workout), why is the water near me contaminated yet nothing being done, why aren’t we better for schools RIDE only sets a baseline (can’t use covid or RIDE as an excuse), why allow charter schools to siphon funds away from the town, why were speed limit signs not agreed upon but the council and administrator decided it was best used as a 10 minute platform for a new police building instead a few meetings ago, why aren’t there any volunteers anymore for town items, why do you decline budget panel items but approve your wants instead of what the town needs? That’s all the questions I can think of currently, I’m sure there’s another 50 just waiting for the time of day, so I’ll keep the question list short and not overburden you. Once again, you can’t blame covid, RIDE, waiting on the ruling or any other simple cop-out response as a reason for your inaction.
    Sorry if I set the bar too high, I just expect the best from the people in charge, maybe I should set it lower instead of asking these hard questions that are simple answers.
    The overall action by you and the current administration is laughable at best and is more telling than anything that’s “been done”. The amount of inaction the last couple of years is too damn high. I would say I’m shocked, shocked I say, well not really.
    Waiting for your email

  15. Well Said!!!! I can’t wait to read the trolls comments as always they will be long winded and completely ridiculous. Keep up the great work John and you have my vote on Tuesday!

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