Alves seeks re-election, citing service, achievements on N.S. Town Council


NORTH SMITHFIELD – Kimberly Alves is seeking re-election to the North Smithfield Town Council, pointing to achievements over the past two years that include both critical votes on major issues, and a proven commitment to helping residents – even outside council chambers.

Alves served on the Budget Committee as vice chairperson from 2008-2010 and also served on the council prior to her current term, winning an elected seat in 2010, 2012 and 2014. She did not seek re-election in 2016, instead returning to the Budget Committee in 2017, again taking on the role of chairperson. 

“After a few years away from town government, I decided to put my name into the mix of candidates in the 2020 election, and I was delighted to see that the residents elected me back into office,” Alves said, noting she was very grateful to voters for selecting her to hold a seat.

Her accomplishments during the last two years included taking a lead role in the volunteer effort to organize and administer COVID-19 vaccinations to town seniors.

“When the pandemic was it its peak, and it was announced that the town would be receiving vaccinations for the elderly community, I immediately went to Town Hall to see where I could assist in getting our seniors vaccinated,” said Alves. “I then found myself in Town Hall every day calling seniors and completing their form over the phone.” 

“As the names starting to come in, I then created a data base to sort the residents by age so we could start vaccinating the eldest of residents,” she noted. “I also attended every clinic to be sure that all appointments came in for their dose and be ready with a couple of back up names in the event there were any doses remaining at the end of the day, as we wanted to be sure that we used every dose at every clinic.”

On the council, Alves notes her input helped to pause a costly project to demolish and rebuild the police station.

“We all know that we do need to do something with the building the police are currently using, but it was moving very quickly in the direction of building a new station at the price tag of $20 million dollars,” said Alves, noting that there was a push at the time to continue working with Tecton with the goal of having a special election on the project. “I was the only council person who pushed to not make a motion including the goal of a special election and to slow down on this project.” 

“I was finally able to get that motion approved, and then in a matter of a couple of months the Building Task Force agreed that we need to put on hold on this project due to the rising costs,” she said.

“I was also one of the council members that negotiated the fire contract with the town administrator, and I worked diligently to meet them as best as we possibly could in order to get them the increase that they deserved, since they had been over looked for many years, and also approved the increase of the minimum staffing in order to get an additional rescue on the road, in an attempt to lower response time as well as coverage from bordering towns,” Alves said.

Alves asked residents to consider re-electing her to the council on Tuesday, Nov. 8, stating she will continue to work hard to always do what is best for the town and its residents.

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  1. Thank you Mrs. Alves, good, bad or indifferent this current council is making strides in their attempt to improve the community for all residents. Considering the unprecedented situation imposed with covid and to a certain extent our own State and Federal Government caused more hardship than help, this group held the line to do as much in good faith as one could ask. Perfect!? Not buy a long shot, but in good faith? Absolutely. It’s always easier to take pop shots from the bench to criticize and critique. This group has grit, and a vision. I am struck by a certain exchange in which this TC was attempting to encourage the SC to denounce the vitriol slandering and libeling local parents as domestic terrorists coming from likely insiders in education and Government sources. This hardship placed with a flurry of irresponsible mandates (later proven ineffective)and pipelining clearly inappropriate CRT type hyper sexuality grooming and political activism seeing contempt and disdain for our beautiful Republic into the curriculum . Parents pled to stop the practice( mandates) and backed it up by a Superior Court finding that it was actively causing irreparable mental harm to our children. This fact being ignored by officials. It is during the course of this meeting and debate Mrs. O’Hara made a revelation that left me stunned. That in past political debate, a certain group of malcontents made her so intimidated it required her to alarm her property, increasing security and was in fear of harm of injury to herself, her children and her grandchildren. I was stunned at the revelation and found her genuine and compelling words with emotion. Curiously enough only a portion of her revelation made it to the recorded session, coincidence? Liberty first, we are better citizens than that or to tolerate such Marxist/ Eastern block tactic. Bravery is about being scared, and doing the right thing for the greater good anyway. The mark of true leadership is not cruising along when times are good, but enduring to make the tough decisions in times of strife. This group is brave and my hat is off to you.

  2. The new police station price tag mention above of $20 million will cost the taxpayers approximately $1.5 million annually for 20 years at an interest rate of 4%. Building a police station that is double the size of what is needed and something the taxpayers can not afford is a bad decision. All taxpayers would love to have a big house but purchase what they can afford. The police station is a pet project personal agenda of John Beauregard with zero concern for the taxpayers and the long term effects on the towns finances. This is typical union greed. Just look at the proposed plans, the building looks more like a palace than a police station. Let’s remember to vote in November for political leaders that have some financial discipline.


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