Thibault named honorary chairperson of Beauregard campaign


NORTH SMITHFIELD – Former Town Administrator Linda Thibault has been named honorary chairperson of John Beauregard’s campaign for reelection to the North Smithfield Town Council.  

Beauregard, a 25 year veteran of the Rhode Island State Police and two time council president, said he is honored to have the support of such a respected member of our community, noting he worked with Thibault on a number of issues concerning town seniors.  

Beauregard expanded North Smithfield’s Senior Citizens Advisory Committee and has been working to get town seniors a center to serve as a hub for activities and services. Currently, seniors in North Smithfield split time with local troops at Scouter’s Hall.

“I have always been a big supporter of our seniors,” Beauregard said. “Working with Linda has given me a new perspective on our senior citizen community and how valuable they are to our town.”

“John Beauregard has done a great job as president of the North Smithfield Town Council,” Thibault said of her decision to join the campaign. “He developed a collegial relationship between the council, the town administrator and the School Committee for the betterment of North Smithfield residents.”

Thibault noted that Beauregard has also been a strong advocate for seniors and on behalf of creating a dedicated space for the town’s aging population.

“When Town Administrator Zwolenski proposed the increased veteran exemption, John spoke out as a strong advocate for veterans, and voted in favor of its passage,” Thibault said. “He took a lot of flak for these advocacies, but stayed the course.”

“Because of his tireless dedication to our town and his proven leadership, I offer my heartfelt support and vote for John Beauregard,” Thibault said.

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  2. Mike Clifford blocked me from that FB page a long time ago. Many others were blocked as well because he didn’t like anyone going against his narrative.

  3. Wow I see the wolves are out in the comments. Same people same garbage being spewed. Before the Cliff and Marys of the comment section give their replies we would like to see the proof of any accusations you have against John. Actual proof not opinions PROOF.

    • Deb please read the cliff notes by Mike Clifford on Facebook and see the take break being given to the Iron Mine Hill Road Solar array and the lake of action or concern by the town council president. Also let’s not forget the Nike incident.

  4. Tony Gertin, it’s extremely hypocritical for someone who has posted a zillion times using false acronyms on the VB website to accuse others of being “devoid of intestinal fortitude”. My favorite acronym was TEDNS which was a little too obvious.
    Also, please don’t insult the intelligence of people who have seen you get a good laugh at a comment which ridiculed seniors and suggested they need to move to Florida if they didn’t want their taxes increased. Nobody is buying into your sudden concern for seniors. Your two buddies Zwolenski and Beauregard, who now present themselves as advocates for seniors, also got a good laugh at the expense of seniors too. Neither one even bothered to reprimand or denounces the comment as inappropriate even though John was chairing the meeting. Ironically, the comment was made by a friend of yours who was in the military and frankly it sickened me when I witnessed such callous behavior from someone tied to the military.
    As for Linda’s endorsement, I can only guess she is unaware of many of John’s dealings.
    Mike Clifford

  5. How patently vicious for anyone to sully the character of Linda Thibault – who has dedicated decades of her life to public service and advocating for senior citizens – in order to attack a political opponent. And, devoid of the intestinal fortitude to fully identify themselves (Pat? Mary?). Further, they impugn the efforts of the Halliwell Review Committee, which has strived to stay objective and support all in NS.

    Those comments are as phony as the writers. I am confident voters will cut through the mindless vitriol as represented here and return John Beauregard to office in November. And Linda – thank you for your service.

    • Here comes Tony with his comments supporting JB since he got his Football agenda accomplished (aka a poor use of taxpayers money). Here is my take on the issues. Both JB and Linda have little to no financial experience to determine the impact of spending on the taxpayers. So Linda who is advocating for senior citizens that made poor decisions earlier in life and did not save and plan for retirement now need to be supported by the senior and non senior taxpayers who did plan for retirement or would like to plan for retirement. Tony we are fostering bad behavior to be financially undisciplined. If seniors can not afford to live their current life styles then they need to move into another community, low income housing, or a situation that fits their current financial situation. The sacrifice must be made by the people in the poor financial situation and not be the burden of the hardworking people making the right financial decisions. As for me I am done with the John Beauregard dictator bully agenda and would like to see him out of office in November.

    • Tony, I’m hoping the town’s voters can see through Mr. Beauregard’s bullying and BS and vote him out, along with all of his cohorts. It’s time for some fiscal restraint and eliminating his and Zwolenski’s pet projects should be a priority in November. As far as intestinal fortitude I hear from reliable resources you have none.

  6. Unfortunately, not much of a field to pick from but the best-case scenario would be to vote out Beauregard and O’Hara. Cronyism in this town from the TA down through the council has an overwhelming stench. Ozier might be someone that could bring the needed change at leadership and some fiscal responsibility.

  7. Typical RI cronyism. Linda must want something from the town and JB has promised the favor. Like votes are going to vote for someone just because Linda Thibault is supporting a candidate. The town deserves a more well rounded leader that has the financial skills to make sound decisions that do not increase spending, debt and taxes in a time where taxpayers are fighting rising inflationary costs. The days of a personal agenda with no respect for taxpayers must come to an end. In November lets just vote for the best candidate and just do it!

    • It is unfortunate that Linda feels the need to “endorse” any candidate, but she has also been the one consistent voice for a senior center in the Town and would get the appointment as director, if John remains in power. Certainly, she could effectively garner the votes of residents of Gatewood and Colonial Village, as she did to unduly influence the community survey regarding Halliwell. Linda also has been a voice in regard to the Veteran’s exemption, which is good for veterans, but not at the expense of women who have a greater degree of living in property. I was certain that Linda would have made that connection, but she did not. As such, this endorsement really just smacks of “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.” Who is next, Mark Depasquale of Green Development?


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