Newberry announces run for re-election as state representative for District 48

Rep. Brian Newberry

NORTH SMITHFIELD – Former House Minority Leader and State Rep. Brian Newberry, a Republican in District 48 in North Smithfield and Burrillville has announced his intention to run for re-election.

Newberry said he seeks to continue to put forward his agenda of lower taxes, less regulatory red tape and overall less government, causes that he has advocated strongly during his time in the House. 

“I maintain, as I always have, that we do not have a taxing problem in this state, but a spending problem,” Newberry said. “I have always opposed tax increases and supported attempts to reign in bloated government spending.  I have fought to eliminate the abuse-ridden legislative grant program and been a consistent advocate against growth in government generally and in attempting to get my legislative colleagues to adopt a different perspective on many issues.” 

“I am very concerned that the cascade of federal money, which itself has already sparked the worst inflationary crisis in this country since the Carter administration, will be used to paper over our structural problems and, worse, lead to new spending initiatives the state will be unable to support once the federal funds inevitably dry up, with harmful long term implications,” he added. “Now, more than ever, we need elected officials who advocate for policies aimed at economic growth, job creation and lowering the cost of living and doing business in Rhode Island.”

“During my tenure, including six years as leader of the opposition party from 2011-2017, I have fought to make structural changes to our fiscal policies and against both unnecessary regulations on small business that stifle economic growth as well as corporate welfare for well connected insiders,” he said.

“At the same time I have shown my ability to work across the aisle on bipartisan initiatives such as the Rhode Island Civics Education Act, on which I was lead sponsor and passed into law last year.” 

Newberry, who is married to wife Beth and has three children, said: “I believe I have been a consistent advocate for the people of our rural corner of the state and I am hopeful that the people of North Smithfield and Burrillville have been happy with my efforts on their behalf and will see fit to return me to office this fall.”

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  1. I will be looking forward to having rigorous debate on some of Representative Newberry’s policies, specifically as they relate to women’s healthcare and choice, domestic violence and gun control issues.

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