BURRILLVILLE – A 39-year-old Massachusetts man is facing assault charges after spitting at the beach manager who confronted him because he was not wear a face covering.

Robert Branzden of 21 Kinsley Road in North Attleboro, Mass. was charged with disorderly conduct and assault following the incident on Saturday, July 11 at Spring Lake Beach.

Police were called to the lake by manager Judy Lopez, who told officers that Branzden had spit at her, and that she wanted to press charges.

Branzden initially denied the assault, but officers obtained video of the incident. In it, the 39-year-old is seen walking past the beach’s main entrance without wearing a face covering or stopping to pay admission. Holding a cell phone to his ear, he was seen flailing an arm at Lopez, who police say approached from a safe distance while wearing her mask.

Branzden then went to exit the beach and Lopez, accompanied by another beach employee, said she followed to obtain his vehicle identification. She said he reacted by calling her offensive names and then spat in her face.

According to police, she was visibly shaken by the incident, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As police placed Branzden, under arrest, he repeatedly said, “this is wrong. I’m suing everybody,” according to reports.

Brandzen was brought before a bail commissioner and released on a summons to appear in 6th District Court at a later date.

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