Letter: States must protect civil liberties, hold elections in-person


As one pandemic rages on, another one begins. State and local officials are calling for elections to be primarily by mail, ultimately destroying the electoral process. Such an idea is not only corrupt but is also a partisan strategy in hopes of stealing the election.

Some have speculated that the election would be much safer health-wise if done from home; however, the same is not true for the democratic liberties and principles of this country. This new type of voting has led to votes not being counted and has encouraged individuals to sell their votes in what is called vote-buying. Voter fraud is becoming bigger than ever as states like North Carolina, Mississippi, and Texas have seen their voting system flipped upside down with this new system creating democratic turmoil.

While Covid-19 is running its course and has taken so much from everyone, the civil liberties of Americans should never be taken away. These rights are under attack, and it is the civil obligation of all to fight back. Even amid uncertain times, America is best when she lives by the truths that she was founded on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These principles can only be expressed when civic engagement is present without the fraudulent nature that has come about. The president must save the democratic process by calling for states to hold their elections in-person to create a fair election and to protect the founding freedoms of this country.

Micah Hart

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