Property sales in North Smithfield between Sept. 18 & Oct. 2


The following is a list of property sales recording in the North Smithfield Town Clerk’s office between Wednesday, Sept. 18 and Wednesday, Sept. 2.

           135 Greenville Road
Seller: Richard & Christine Charest
Buyer: Jeanne Sylvestre
Price: $200,000

1 Golden Blvd.
Seller: Richard Ward (trustee)
Buyer: Collin Roberts
Price: $225,000

57 Ferrier St.
Seller: Jean Halstead
Buyer: Justin Travis
Price: $275,000

1188 Providence Pike
Seller: Eternity Builders, LLC
Buyer: Nicole & Richard Remillard
Price: $326,500

14 Homestead Ave.
Seller: Zen Ri Rental, LLC
Buyer: Staci Bouchard
Price: $260,500

811 Pound Hill Road
Seller: Kathleen Hummel
Buyer: Jenny Babbitt
Price: $372,500

501 Black Plain Road
Seller: Guy & Brenda Baillargeon
Buyer: Jared Plante & Sandra Moutinho Gaye
Price: $385,000

64 Old Great Road
Seller: Victor Allen
Buyer: Darryl & Lynn Jackson
Price: $332,000

269 Mattity Road
Seller: Matthew & Alicia St. Laurent
Buyer: Peter & Brianna Filippi
Price: $280,000

825 Iron Mine Hill Road
Seller: Marcel & Denise Hogue
Buyer: Brenda Johnson & Megan Langlais
Price: $335,000

22 Pine St.
Seller: Stella Witcher
Buyer: Stuart Archer
Price: $497,000

67 Homecrest Ave.
Seller: Colleen Bogan
Buyer: Kim Celona
Price: $300,000

118 Log Road
Seller: Edward & Cheryl Atchison
Buyer: Stephen Instasi & Aaron Babikian
Price: $115,000

1912 Pound Hill Road
Seller: Christopher & Julie Ann Pascoe
Buyer: Jesse Landry
Price: $403,750

39 Harkness Road
Seller: Mark & Katherine Souza
Buyer: Nathan LaCroix
Price: $328,000

30 Black Plain Road
Seller: Raymond & Elaine Beaudoin
Buyer: Ralph Eugene
Price: $430,000

1601 Victory Highway
Seller: Daniel Bordes & Iris Paul
Buyer: Andrew Ritzer & James Mohn
Price: $200,000

835 Great Road, Unit #2
Seller: Brad Sauveur
Buyer: Gregory & Jennifer Gillis
Price: $320,000

7 Duane Ct.
Seller: Maryellen Sheridan
Buyer: Ronald Houle
Price: $450,000

185 Sayles Hill Road
Seller: Jason Tellier (administrator)
Buyer: Matthew Nillson
Price: $150,000

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