The following is a list of home sales recorded in the Burrillville Town Clerk’s office between Friday, May 10 and Monday, May 20.

116 Harrisville Main St.
Seller: John Cappello
Buyer: Gail & Heather Deagan
Price: $309,900

750 South Main St.
Seller: Rebecca Sweeney
Buyer: Bret Simas
Price: $250,000

1575 Jackson Schoolhouse Road
Seller: Helping Hands Community Partners, Inc.
Buyer: Rebecca Sweeney
Price: $275,000

141 Staghead Drive
Seller: Gary & Rachel Lemme
Buyer: Scott Singleton
Price: $284,000

202 Lake Shore Drive
Seller: Marlene Smith
Buyer: Craig Duquette
Price: $360,000

270 North Shore Drive
Seller: Francis & Claire King
Buyer: Ross Crawford & Melissa Lacombe
Price: $299,000

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