Mapleville man charged after falsely reporting fireworks, dirt bikes to police


Editor’s note: NRI NOW spoke with the suspect in the below article. A follow-up story explaining his perspective and issues with the field will be published later this week. 

BURRILLVILLE – In a crime that seemed to baffle police last week, a Mapleville man allegedly reported several crimes that never happened, and then denied making the reports.

Jesse Rathier, 32, of Casino Avenue was charged with falsely reporting a crime following the incident.

According to police, the crime dates back to Wednesday, June 19, when a call came in from Rathier’s phone number reporting juveniles were acting disorderly, lighting fireworks and discharging firearms in the nearby Burrillville Little League baseball fields.

Finding no evidence of the alleged crimes, police proceeded to Rathier’s house, but he reportedly stopped them in the driveway, demanding that they get off of his property. Rathier, who is described as intoxicated and belligerent in reports, insisted that he never called police.

Rathier was reportedly angry defiant and threatening toward officers, who later confirmed with dispatch that he was the calling party.

Around an hour later. police were dispatched to the same ball field for reports that juveniles on ATVs were vandalizing the property. The call came in from the same phone number, but this time the reporting party provided a seemingly fictitious name, according to dispatchers. The reports again turned out to be completely unfounded.

Police obtained a warrant for Rathier’s arrest and he was picked up during a traffic stop on Tuesday, June 25.

“Mr. Rathier was invasive, dishonest and indifferent toward the situation,” noted a report by Sgt. Hughes.

Rathier was brought before a bail commissioner and later released on a summons to appear in 6th District Court at a later date.

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